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Mindlessly Complex

About half-wayThe current ‘alpha’ project is a birthday dress for my little niece, who will soon be turning four.  It’s the “Merry Maiden’s Dress” from Interweave Knits Spring 2007 issue.

The bodice was very quick, k2p2 ribbing all around.  The sleeves went well too, once I had memorized the lace pattern.


The skirt isn’t as slow as I’d worried it might be, but it’s still a complex pattern. 20 stitch cable panels with a 16 row repeat interspersed with lace panels expanding from 3 to 33 stitches, and an 8 row repeat (the same lace pattern as the sleeves, fortunately). So far I’ve finished a little more than 8 inches – the skirt should be 18″ total, but I’ll stop when I run out of time or yarn and just edge it there.

The yarn I’m using (Wendy Aran) comes in a one pound center pull ball… No luck finding a yarn sleeve for that, so I’ve improvised one with a gallon sized storage bag. Seems to work fine….

It almost keeps the cat out, too.

With any luck, I’ll finish it in time for her birthday and she won’t outgrow it before the next one.

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Not dead yet

Well, I fell off the net for a while, but I’m back now, with a new craft to boot!

Yup, started beading. Still knitting (and posting on Ravelry). I’m going to be lame and not review my past projects. Currently I’m knitting a

really cute dress for my niece, from Interweave Knits, and I’m also working on a cute scarf (but no pictures of that yet.

The dress is a overcomplicated sounding one – lace and cables, gored skirt, multiple yarns, bell sleeves, but it’s knitting up easily and (so far) it hasn’t gotten monotonous. We’ll see how that goes as the skirt increases to a 72″ circumference!

Hopefully I’ll get backon track with updates.

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