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Stalling out

Haruni is progressing, but v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, so no progress to report there. 😦

No victory on either the Evolving Sock Knitter or Paddy Pants giveaways, but Vegan Craftastic is offering vegan ‘ice cream’ giveaway (no, really, this sounds yummy, you should go look) and Knot Cha Cha has a series of four awesome offerings. (Just don’t ask for the handspun, that’s mine) Way cool!

Ramblin Ambler is now up to two posts, so, yay for that!  I might be picking up a little speed.


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Now We’re Cookin’

I picked up a mix of hot peppers from the farmers’ market last week, mostly cayenne, but some hot bananas and jalapeno’s as well.  I finally got around to making hot pepper jelly yesterday.  I modified this recipe from Allrecipes.com.  I’m letting it set on the counter top right now, but all signs point to successfully made preserves (not really jelly, since I left the bits and seeds floating about – yum!).

It’s really hot to be making jams and jellies now, so the experience was a bit more demanding than is ideal, but there’s something fun about ‘roughing it’ on occasion.

I’m looking forward to the cream cheese and crackers suggestion from Allrecipies, but it’s also really awesome as part of a glaze for roasts or chicken.

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So, starting on part B of Haruni, and the stitch count seems to be off (unless the ‘stem’ isn’t supposed to line up consistently). Need to go very very slowly on this one.

In other news, I’ve started another Word Press blog, this one is an audio journal recorded while on weekly walks (because I really need something to get me taking regular walks).  Ramblin Ambler podcast.

Since I’m here anyway, I’ll follow up with some blog contests. Didn’t win the Lorna’s Laces from Kim Werker (currently reposting articles she wrote for the now defunct make and meaning blog).   I didn’t win the Puffy Mondaes from Darcy’s Knotty Knitter (someone named Turtle did).  Nor did I win “The Art of Knitting Lace”, but Knit-A-While has another book giveaway (I didn’t enter this one, but you might want to).

On the other hand, The Evolving Sock Knitter is giving away a copy of “The Sock Knitter’s Workshop”, and is about to launch a sock knitting tutorial. Paddy Pants is giving away a skein of tardis colored sock yarn (can you tell what I want to knit?)

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Earlier I published the calculations of yarn size vs. yardage, and found that when I’d knit half the Claudia’s Handpainted Mohair the yarnball would be 176mm in circumference.  This morning I finally finished with chart A, and found that the yarnball circumference was 180mm.  Pretty good, right? Chart A Complete

There should be enough yarn left over that I don’t have to worry about getting a second skein, but clearly NOT enough to start another pattern repeat.  Yay me!

You can clearly see the knitpicks connector in the photo., and you can just make out the lifeline, which was added while knitting that final row.

This picture looks much oranger than the actual shawl (though there are some orange undertones).  A side effect of playing around with the light levels on the camera.

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new shoes with funky lacesFound my camera, yay!

Before I lost it I took a couple of pictures.  There’s one from the inside of the car while driving my husband to work.  There are a couple I took on a walk.  Then there’s this one, of my new sneakers (because I’d killed my old ones over the course of a few years.    They came with the two pairs of shoelaces, as you see.  Since then, I’ve updated with a different two lace method from Ian’s Shoelace Site, because this is the internet and you can find anything…

Nothing new to report on the Etsy site yet.   Made some progress on Haruni, but I’m going to need a longer lifeline before I can finish part A.

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Well, we’ve got the Etsy shop set up, with a dedicated e-mail account for it.  I’ve contacted an Etsy Street Team, and designed a minimal banner and avatar (which I plan to redesign once I’ve got some product pictures).  I went out and bought a mini tripod for my digital camera to take said product pictures, I used to own one but fidgeted it to death, so this time I’ll know what I’m doing…

I’m saving the ‘formal’ announcement until we’ve got something in the shop to sell, but even so I’m beginning to feel some excitement about this.  Now I’m just hoping I can turn some of that optimism into results.

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Thinking… thinking

My M-i-L is about to start her own Etsy story (still in the coming up with a name stage) to market her handmade jewelry.  She’s got some truly lovely stuff.  I’ve agreed to help with the setting up process, and make a few pieces of my own to add to her inventory.  She would very much like a partnership arrangement, but I’m a bit leery of going into business with a friend/relative.   I really want to set things up so that if I should lame out/become overwhelmed I’m not going to leave her in a bad position.

Wish me luck!

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