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I Won One!

I won the beautiful yarn “Moody” from the Knitting Pipeline.  Yay!  Now I’ve got to start thinking about what to knit with it.  It’s a gorgeous blue lace weight yarn, so something tardisy…  very likely the “Tilting Tardis” cowl..

Found the next one, fat quarters or handspun yarn from Love My Fiber.

Got started on the Haruni again, and realize that I flubbed the beginning of part B.  I’ve learned my lesson about frogging, though, and it’s been in the freezer for hours.  (Yes, I did use a lifeline… I can, indeed, be taught).

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Rainy Day

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Pretty dramatic drive this morning. Nearly took a swim.  Still, it’s a break from the crazy heat we’ve been having.

More from the “It’s Got to Go Somewhere” category,  got to watch the replacement of my daughter’s windshield.  It was pretty wild.

The guy from Metro Auto Glass was polite, efficient, and did good work.  (I couldn’t find an actual MAG website, and the review I linked to was not positive, but, honestly, I recommend these guys).

I’ve put Haruni aside for a little while.  But rather than picking up Calla I zipped through a stash reduction bag with a Fibonacci stripe sequence.  Ended up jiggling the base size a bit, because my shortest Harmony cable was a bit stressed, so it’s a bit more substantial than I’d originally planned, but I think it will work fine once I’ve lined it.

I actually like the crossways garter stitch which I ended up with on the bottom of the bag.  Once I’ve got better pictures than the ones on Ravelry I’ll post some here.

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Well, there was a *lot* of rambling which hasn’t made it into the last two weeks worth of podcasting, and some of that actually involved pictures.   Not that they weren’t good rambles, or good pictures, but I wanted to get something resembling a coherent ‘cast, so a lot of bits and pieces which didn’t fit in just ended up ‘on the cutting room floor’ (read: bit-bucket).  Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to actually empty that trash, so pictures have been uploaded to Flickr, and will now be shared with you.

Leaf Warrior

She's totally awesome

Didn’t get her name, but this public servant was a little bit concerned when I asked to take her picture.   Her concern evaporated when I told her I wanted to blog about her.  As you can see, she does a terrific job of keeping the woods paths clear, despite repeated nightly drinking binges (and broken bottles) and poison ivy infestations.  I was so happy to meet her.

the other squirrel

Not the squirrel who dissed me...

This isn’t the squirrel I mentioned in Crafting, Critters and Cthulhu.  I took this picture the week before, very near the spot where I saw the Leaf Warrior.  Yes, I used Zoom.  Think this turned out pretty well.

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Yeah, not posting here much.  The Ramblin Ambler is turning out to be a big time suck, (though I do include crafting in just about every episode, so it’s relevant). and I’m still moving cautiously on the haruni.  Maybe I should grab Calla for those brain hurts too much to knit lace moments…

No win on the last couple of blog giveaways, but there’s an awesome one (and a new knitting podcast) at Knitting Pipeline, and one at Photo Knit Dog.

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