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I’ve got 80 of the 81 motifs for the Chuppah done (waiting on one my daughter is going to finish) and I need to start piecing them now. Right now. As in, I should probably be doing that instead of posting (nah, I can do it, the wedding’s not till Saturday, right?) \

Here’s yesterday’s pile o motifs, which are now almost all in strips.  I need to get going…

Worthy Project

The Wool Dispensary is a start-up yarn company, and they have a kickstarter project to fund their trip to Yarncon. If you’re not familiar with kickstarter, they’re a microfinance art patronage site, worth checking out.

The Wool Dispensary will be offering giveaways in the future (helps to get their product out).  If you’re interested in seeing giveaways on this blog in the future, please comment saying that on the previous post.

Blog Contests

I’ve entered a giveaway for  yarn from Estonia from mooncalfmakes (deadline July 15) and  Phat Fiber’s Dorable Shawl kit giveaway.

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S-l-o-w-i-n-g Down

I have been chugging along on the Chuppah, but I’m really starting to run out of steam, which is scary, because the wedding is this coming Saturday! Less scary, because I only have three white motifs and the mixed center one to go. Then there’s the piecing to do…

Doable, definitely doable.

Whining About Wedding Stuff

The whole matron-of-honor thing is rough. I’m a terrible organizer, and so is the bride, so I don’t feel as though I’m doing a particularly good job. Both my daughters are bridesmaids, so the wedding costs are really high (even doing dresses from one of those bridal warehouse places, and hemming them myself, it adds up!)

Don’t even get me started about being witness to the mother-daughter madness going on. Just suffice it to say they’ve each been pushing my buttons… But enough with the grumbling, because I’ve found some…

Blog Contests

I did not win the Spin Fusion giveaway, but I’ve entered a giveaway for anastaciknits ephemeral hat crochet pattern (July 30 deadline) and a pattern giveaway from Tanis Fiber Arts sponsored by YarnOnTheHouse (July 17 deadline).

Also, I’ve been corresponding with a designer who *might* be interested in having me host a pattern giveaway at some point in the future. I’m not sure this blog gets enough traffic to be worth her while, but if you read this, and are interested in knitting and/or crochet pattern giveaways, it would be good to know. Please comment here, just so we have an idea of how many people might be intrigued… 🙂

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Sorry for dropping off the Blogosphere for so long. Things have been crazy busy here, and rather than trying to catch up I’m just going to apologize for being lame, and jump right back into what I’m up to now.

Current Project

I’m crocheting a Chuppah for my sister in law’s wedding, which is coming up very soon.  The pattern is Alison Reilly’s Wedding Canopy from For the Love of Yarn, and it’s really quite lovely:

The Motifs

I need 81 motifs in all, I have 67 done.

There was a lot of educated guessing and a little bit of luck involved in planning this (as well as a good application of yarn mathematics), but I now know how much of white and blue I have, and I have a plan for how to fit them together:

Here's my plan

Here's my plan (such as it is) for piecing the canopy.

Except, of course, that the individual motifs are round rather than rectangular, but it’s good enough to get a picture of how it will all work. So, that’s what I’m up to, and I’ll try to do a better job of keeping in touch.

In Other Blogs

Some hightlights from the blogroll which I’ve missed. Thea has had an amazing 30 Days of Creativity<, KarlMyl Stitches has been doing socks, KnitSteve has been experimenting with Cross Stitch, and everyone has been a lot more active than I have!

Blog Contests

Phat Fiber is hosting a Spin Fusion Batt Giveaway, which I entered although I already have more fiber than I’m likely to spin in a year. No end date posted, but I gather the timeline is short…

Never Not Knitting has a drawing for a signed copy of Little Red in the City, deadline July 15.

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