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I got the Carina yarn!


I’m very happy with how it came out, and am almost certain which shawl I want to make with it.  In the mean time, I’m working on the Forager vest and cowl from Doomsday Knits, which I reviewed on Goodreads some time ago.

Forager is a simple, asymmetric vest with an open, mesh fabric.  I’m actually using a lighter yarn (and larger needles) for an even more open mesh look –


I’m very pleased with how that’s coming along as well.  On size 17 needles it’s a really fast knit!


Blog Contests and GIveaways

I didn’t win the Chocolate yarn, the April Knitcrate, or the Knitted in Switzerland shawl.   No new contests this time (maybe next time).

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Bohemia Fibers is an indy yarn dyer I discovered on Ravelry some time ago.  They dye to order, as in you send them a photograph and they dye the yarn to have the same colors in approximately the same proportions.  It’s great stuff.  The kind of thing you choose a simple stitch pattern for because you just want to let the yarn do the work (besides, something complex would get lost), or you break it up into smaller bits outlined by a solid color.

This winter I followed the Hubble Advent Calendar and fell in love with… well, just about with all of it. I was particularly taken with the Carina Nebula.


More precisely, the “Mystic Mountain” portion of the Carina Nebula (because we now have telescopes powerful enough to get details of nebulae!).

So I ordered a skein of laceweight merino yarn from Bohemia Fibers dyed to reflect this picture. They just shipped it.  I was hoping to get a ‘teaser’ picture of the yarn, but I guess they just do that for their custom dyed series.  In any case, I’m planning to knit a Wirbel with it, or other simple shawl.

I can’t wait for it to get here!

Blog Contests

I didn’t win the chocolate yarn giveaway at Mereknits blog, but I did enter a few more:

Dayana Knits is giving away some lovely Rowan Artprints Aran in a planned pooling giveaway (23 April drawing).

The April Knitcrate giveaway (15 April) is a mystery box, as always

Knitted in Switzerland will give away one of three shawl patterns (12 April)

Crochet Ever After is giving away two skeins of Silverspun yarn and a pattern (30 April)




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The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is coming up.  Last year at the festival I bought a beautiful skein of Dark Horse Leicester Longwool from Hill Farm, specifically because I wanted to make something with native Maryland wool to enter in this year’s competition.


I was thinking of holding it together with some Queensland Collection Soft Comfort Mohair, and was planning on knitting Tubey by Cassi Rovetti, published inKnitty.  Well, I got it home and swatched and, lovely as it was, decided it would be a bit itchy for a tube top.  So, instead I knit a felted, cabled tote bag.  I used a bead I’d picked up from an Ocean City shop as a button.  The pattern is by Amanda Silvera, and it’s the Braided Cable Handle Tote. I think it’s fabulous, and will be proud to enter it in this year’s festival.


My other entry will be After Summer Merrily socks, and I’ll post about them later.

Blog Contests and Giveaways

One of today’s giveaways (yarn and a Namaste bag from Expression Fiber Arts, drawing April 30) asked me to state three things which make me happy.  I came up with

What makes me happy?
The people I love and who love me.
Learning new things, especially things which make my ‘brain all ‘splody like’.
Making things.

Craftlit’s April giveaway is for Knitted Mitts and Mittens.  Also closes April 30.  The mereknits blog’s “Chocolate Yarn” giveaway (closes April 10).  The Musk Ox blood is giving away Qiviut!!!  Drawing April 30.

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The 50th year, ‘Red Hat’ thing has kind of gotten to me.  I joined AARP.  I thought about the poem:

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat that doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me,
And I shall spend my pension
on brandy and summer gloves…

Everybody talks about the red hat.  I concentrated on the wearing purple, and I made myself a purple dress:


I am really, really happy with how this turned out.   I made Iseult’s Dress from What (else) Would Madame DeFarge Knit? It’s my first ‘full sweater’ sized garment for me.  Although the picture makes it look like a straightforward A-line, there is actually a fair amount of shaping, and I successfully melded the bust, waist and hip measurements from three different sizes, PLUS –


OK, I messed up a bit on the bottom of the cable, but that’s not the point.  The point is that I now know how to do that cool ‘this cable closes at the top/bottom’ thing, so I can finally work out a biohazard cable chart (Serioiusly, I’ve been wanting to do that since 2007, when I used June Oshiro’s DNA cable on a pair of socks…)  This project was very much a win.

I’ve gotten a lot of other stuff done, but I’ll try to spread out some catch up posts rather than putting them all up today.

In particular there’s a non-yarn project which has been taking a lot of my time. It’s a semi-pro web page design gig which I’ll be posting about once it’s up and running.  I am very excited about it, and it’s of particular interest to any local readers.

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I didn’t win any of the contests I entered last month, but I did enter the Of Mars Crochet giveaway on Facebook.  Drawing 5 April.


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