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Depression Digression

First and foremost, I’m fine today.  I’m starting off with this because I know it’s hard sometimes for people to understand the difference between “I have depression” and “I’m depressed right now”.  I struggle with dysthymia (a mild, persistent clinical depression), my brain is wired in such a way that I am more likely than most people to fall into one of those deep dark pits of depression.  Something I saw today showed me how and why people who don’t deal with this from the inside can sometimes make those times worse when they are trying to make things better.

Between that, and the recent tragic death of Robin Williams, and the fact that I haven’t posted anything for about a month I decided it was time to post.  I’ll probably post later about how my flag socks have stalled and what I’m doing to bring them back on track.  (They’re going to be beautiful, it will just take longer than I’d like). (more…)


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