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A Blog Post about Posting in Blogs

Well, the shop is expanding to take on more of my online time.  Not ‘expanding’, as in actually getting much traffic or generating any income (yet) but it has spawned Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as an actual Menagerie Imagery blog*.  I’ve got plans to start a Facebook Fan page. All of which means I’m going to have to change the way I run this blog.

I’m definitely still going to be posting here. I have a draft which I’ve been writing, a little bit at a time, for a couple of days now. I’ve got Ravelry WIPS and FOs to post about.  I’ve got all kinds of stories and ideas for posts.

Some of these post ideas are things I think would be of interest to my hypothetial Etsy customer (have you met my hypothetical Etsy customer?  Her name is Bettie, she likes jewelry and crafting and enjoys things which are cute, but not too saccharine cute).  I’m supposed to build a picture of Bettie and come up with content which will be of interest and/or use to her.  This part is almost too easy – between gaming and writing I have a lot of experience in inventing people, it would take very little time to get to know Bettie very well, well enough that we wouldn’t have to worry about TMI.  At the same time, I’d like to have actual customers, you know, real people who wouldn’t necessarily be interested in all the details of my life.

If I talk about having a low-spoons day here (because of migraines or depression) that’s one thing, but if I do it while wearing my ‘merchant’ hat, it might be something else.  Admittedly, if I’d done the shop solo I would have probably just named it Eyebehold and used this as the shop blog, but this is definitely my space, and for various reasons (good or not) the shop is a joint venture with Jan, and deserves to be it’s own thing. On the other hand, the post about the earbuds (which has just gone up on the shop blog) or the cute story about the tea (which is coming soon) are things I would like to share with everyone, but I think are particularly relevant to Hypothetical Bettie.

The immediate solution has been to link the RSS feed in the sidebar here, so anything I post in the other blog will be easily accessible to you (though you’re still very much welcome to subscribe to both blogs).   I’m starting with the model that posts which are (at least) tangentially related to the shop will go there, everything else will go here.

But what about the blog contest and giveaway links?  I don’t know that anyone here is particularly attached to them, and they might be of some interest to Hypothetical Bettie.  I’m thinking of posting them there instead of here…

I’m definitely still going around and around about how this is all going to shake out.  I’d love to hear your opinions on how I should break this thing down, so please do comment with your thoughts and suggestions.

* Links to all those accounts are available from the sidebar of that same blog. Convenient, no?


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