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I didn’t get the kindle cover finished in time for her birthday.  I didn’t even get it started in time for Christmas.  Now that I’m trying to figure out if I can get a significant laceweight shawl finished by the spring, it seemed like the time to just knock it out.

I’m really happy with the result:


I haven’t done all that much needle felting, but after frogging my roositud attempt it seemed like the way to go.

Also finished recently, a random baby hat, because it’s getting to be the time when random babies (and parents expecting babies) will need gifts.  (I don’t expect any grandbabies will be needing gifts in the next year to three, but somebody is going to…)

Here we have Captain modeling it.  He’s thrilled to always be my baby…

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So, over the weekend, this happened…

Abby and Alex Engaged

So happy!

so overwhelmed by the year to come.  Stay tuned, there will be more…

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