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Can’t Beat the Commute

Well, the paycheck doesn’t quite cover what we need it to.  Steve is working on bringing in more business between the two companies but it’s going to be tight for a bit.

Other than that, things are going well.  There’s a steep learning curve, between product and software, and we’re going to be changing some of the systems (as in next week) so it’s kind of crazy.

Having said that…  It’s within walking distance of the house.  At first I had planned just to take the road by the high school, and I will still probably do that in bad weather, but just about every day I’ve been taking the scenic route…

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I haven’t managed to get pictures of the butterflies and birds (there’s a family of black headed vultures which is fascinating to watch) but it’s just been cool so far.


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Checking In

I started the job Wednesday before last.  In the intervening time I’ve had three training sessions (I think that’s as many as I had in the my last job – I was there for a year and a fraction).

It’s an  awesome place.  We make and sell single use medical equipment.  One of the trainings involved breaking the seal on sterile equipment, which would then have to be discarded.  With the trainers permission I snagged it and played with it.

Chandra’s earrings

Yes, I’m pimping the shop here.  Even those this particular pair will be a gift for a coworker (her accepting a transfer made it possible for me to get hired), I hope to use some of the same components in jewelry to sell.  The department is throwing her a party tomorrow, and hopefully she’ll appreciate these.

Likewise there’s a company baby shower which is due to be thrown next month.  I’m torn between gifting Moe of Change (WiP) and hyperbolic pants (FO).  Both are a bit eccentric, but machine washable…

Most of my coworkers are a lot younger than I am.  Many have young children.   At least two have crosses at their desk (made of corn husks, clearly from the same source).  There have been no discussions of religion or politics, though there have been some enthusiastically partisan football discussions.   I’m not going to walk on eggs here, but maybe there are things about me they don’t need to know, at least not any time soon.

It’s fine, there’s plenty I do feel comfortable talking about, and everyone has been friendly and welcoming.

I think it’s going to be good.


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Quick Status Update

Background check came through, I start work Wednesday.

I’m currently printing out the pre-employment paperwork (I-9, W-4, XYZ-123).  I know where my social security card is, I just have to find my checkbook so I can get set up for autodeposit.

I feel better now.

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Well, things are definitely moving, and they seem to be moving in the right direction.

Abby has a date and a venue for the wedding (mark your calendars, June 27th, 2020).

The shawl seems likely to be done in time for it, from this:


to this:


I’ve even had time ( tv and social time) to work on other projects.   Since I figure that both Abby and Dottie have friends who have married in the past several years, I’ve been working on an unclaimed baby blanket:


The pattern is Moe of Change by Frankie O’Randle, the yarn is Premium Sweet Roll.

I’ve also started on a pouch to hold my travel coffee cup, camp set, chop sticks and reusable straw.


No pattern on this one, as it’s a made to fit stashbuster.

I finished the giant mutant dishcloth (or lost at yarn chicken).


In other news…….


At least, if the drug test and background check come out clean (and there’s no reason they shouldn’t) I start work one week from today.  It’s a customer service position, and it’s within walking distance of my house.  How cool is that?!

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No FO’s this week.  Possibly not for some time to come – I’m trying really hard to average two rows on the shawl a day.  I do have a dishcloth for mindless/TV/bar knitting,  but it’s silly big for one (I was tired of shrimpy cloths).

Giant Dishcloth

Totally exhausted with the family drama.  Mostly emotionally exhausted, actually, as all kinds of evil weeds from the past keep trying to put down ugly roots in my mind.  I have to keep telling myself to focus on what’s happening now.   It may get to a point where I just have to walk away, but, again, that’s not what’s happening now.

The job I want (and had what I felt was a really good second interview for) was expected to come to a decision this week.  Sent an email to HR asking for an update (yes, I did send a thank you note after that interview).

Must remember to hydrate. sleep and eat.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Remember when I said the wedding shawl was trying to kill me?  Now I think it’s saving my life.  M-i-L is having a bit of a health crisis, which requires a lot of time and attention, as Steve and I are 1) closest and 2) don’t have four small children to cart around and 3) have neither full time jobs nor night classes.  It’s exhausting.

I had a second interview last week (for a job I really want), and a first interview (for a job which sounded much worse when discussed with the recruiter than when I applied on the web page).  Wedding planning is progressing, and Abby is doing a really good job of not passing her stress along (trying to make sure venue and officiant are available at the same time should be simple, but it’s not).

Now I’m at a point of the knitting where it’s a relatively straightforward lace pattern. It’s actually fairly relaxing, though I wish I had pointier needles.    I’m trying to make sure I put in a life line once a week no matter how much or how little progress I’ve made.  The plan is to remove the one before the last, so that any time going forward there will be two lines threaded through.

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Wedding Plans

The wedding plans continue to move forward.  Abby and Alex have found one venue they really like, but it’s not available for a full year – I could have told them that.  I think I did tell them that.  In any case, there are a couple of tentative dates now, both in July of 2020.  So, yay!  That gives me a full year to finish…

The Wedding Shawl

Which is going pretty well at this point (touch wood).


The nupps show really well in this picture, you’re going to have to take my word on the beads, but that word is ‘beautiful’.  There is also a lifeline on row 14 (which doesn’t show up at all, but it’s there and it does the right thing).  I’m currently on row 18.

The KP Luminance is wrapped in yarn socks from Slipped Stitch Studios.  They also do the right thing.

Not the Wedding

I had three interviews last week, two phone screens and one face to face.  I have a second FtF interview at the same place in the works for late next week.  I’m really liking this place, and not just because it’s within easy walking distance of my house.

The ointment for Captain’s eyes is helping.  Definite improvement after a week, although he is beginning to lose patience with the process.  Yes, beginning, after a week of having his eyes dosed twice a day.  Have I ever mentioned how mellow Captain is?

So, now that the shawl and the cat are starting to shape up, my mother in law’s starting to get health issues.  Or, rather, her recovery from the stroke may not be as miraculous as we thought.  I’m sure there will be more to come in future posts.


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