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Now it can be Told

I have finished my “secret” project, and gifted it to my friend.


This is a Snatchel.  It’s a delightfully ‘naughty’ project from the Anticraft, which is always full of delightfully naughty.  I made it for a friend who is recovering from a hysterectomy, and put a bottle of Fireball, because, hey, everyone needs fireball.  I think she’ll be using it for a dicebag (the snatchel, not the Fireball).

Other FOs and WiPs

I finished the second Artful Infinity scarf, and have given it to my younger daughter.  She absolutely rocks it (as she does everything she wears).

Artful Infinity PhotobombThe not so goatty bag is coming along nicely (if slowly).  It really doesn’t look much different than the last picture I posted of it, but  I’m having fun playing mix and match with the motifs.

Mont Royal toesMy only other WiP right now is the Mont Royal socks. I’m playing around with my usual asymmetric toes.  Rather than my usual plan of increasing on both sides for the first few, then switching to only increasing on the outside of the socks, I’ve staggered it.  So the first few increases are on both sides of the sock, then the next few increases alternate between increasing on both sides and increasing on the outside only, then the final few are on the outside only.  I think it looks fine, and the CoBaSi yarn gives it a very crisp feel.

You can’t really tell from the picture, but I’ve just begun the chart. This is my first project using my new Knit PIcks magnetic chart board, and it will be the first one I use my new KnitPicks sock blockers with as well.

Blog Contests and Yarn Giveaways

I didn’t win the Red Heart giveaway from Happily Hooked, or the Yarn Crush box from the Dainty Fawn blog.  No new giveaways today.


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Sometimes it works out that the afterthought project, the ‘I guess I’ll do this project just because I have to reduce my stash’, is the wild success of the season.  That’s what happened with the Artful Infinity Scarf turned out to be.

It’s a super easy project.  It’s attractive, in it’s own funky/scary way, and it shows off a yarn which might otherwise take over whatever it was made into…Artful Infinity 1and, apparently, it’s very stylish.  So stylish, in fact, that both girls wanted it for their own, which surprised me.  Honestly, I wanted this one for my own.

Fortunately, it’s a quick, easy crochet project, I have lots of yarn in my stash, and if I don’t use it to make these little babies it’ll be sitting in my stash for years, with me using up a few yards here and there to add a ‘pop of color’ to an otherwise dull project.

Steek Bait

Infinity 1I very rarely remake patterns.  I don’t think I’ve ever done it back to back before.  Certainly not with the same yarn.  This is such a quick project, though, that I’m not finding it problematic at all.

Here’s the first one, modeled by Abby (my eldest).

Looking at the picture, I’m not sure it solves the clown barf/muppet pelt problem, but it’s fun, she seems to like it, and her sister (who is actually fashion conscious) seems to like it as well.    So I guess it’s a win.

Blog Contests and Yarn Giveaways

I didn’t win the Red Heart package from B Hooked.   I entered a Rafflecopter drawing for a box of goodies from Yarn Crush (23 July).

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!Surprise! Plans Change

Works in Progress

Almost as soon as I posted “Doing the Numbers (part 2)” I realized that I’d forgotten an important one.  The number of stitches for the goat motif was, in fact, pretty close to the number of stitches in the first skein of yarn.

Goatless Bag colorworkSomehow I must have thought that having two skeins of yarn involved would mean it was OK.  Since it’s stranded, and the background color will be used on all rows, I’d be cutting it too fine.  Not a big problem, I’ve found some lovely abstract motifs in the same book, they’re just smaller.

it’s going to look fantastic.

The Picotty is coming along fairly well.  I think it’s going to work, but I have two more rounds of crochet ribbing with splitty yarn, so I’m doing a bit at a time, even though I’m almost done.  I’ve really slowed down on it, because I was doing it in my ‘brainless knitting’ time, and the splittiness means it needs more concentration than that.

New Projects

So I started a new ‘brainless’ project.  Tamara Kelly’s Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf, using some recycled sari silk yarn I got on eBay some time ago.  It seems like the perfect pattern to handle the ‘clown barf’ problem and show off the yarn.

Artful Infinity wip

Modeled by my cat Comet, who decided that my photo surface was his…

I was planning on just having four WIPs, really, but I actually found the perfect recipient for a knitted gift I’ve been wanting to make for a long time.  I’ll post pics, and details, at a later time, but the project uses bits of three or four yarns from my stash and one skein of novelty yarn which I’ll have to go hunting for.  Yes, I know, yarn diet and all, but I’ve already ordered the cotton yarn for one of the ‘big projects’ I wasn’t going to buy any more yarn before I got…  and I’m not going to need the novelty skein until the end, so that’s OK, right?

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