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Not Dead Yet

There are lots of excuses I could make about why I haven’t posted in so very, very long.  It all comes down to two things – stuff happened, and I got out of the habit of posting.  I apologize, and will try to get back on track with it.

So something happened in particular that I really felt I should post about, and rather than trying to catch up on everything I missed I’m just going to jump in with today’s topic.

Cool thing:  I got a delightful swag bag from Knitpicks!

Knitpicks Swag

They sent it to me as a ‘thank you’ for answering their question on the Knitpicks podcast.  Speaking of which…

Cool thing: I got a spot in the Knitpicks Podcast (episode 249 – the Newbie) almost to the end of the episode.  They called for an answer to the question of what one thing you would tell new knitters, I touched on gauge swatch, and ended up with permission to frog.  Recording it convinced me to make t ‘frogging mohair’ my Ravelry favorite swear word…

brava sportSo, the swag bag – first of all, a nice little project bag (always useful).  Then lots of yarn…  Yummy, Knitpicks yarn.

This is Brava Sport in Mint.   Between the lovely delicate color and the fact that it’s 100% acrylic it’s definitely going to be part of the whole baby parade thing.  No, not in my own family, but enough friends are about to be new parents/grandparents that I am going to just constantly knit/crochet precious little thingies and expect that they’ll be gifted somewhere.

LindyI also got Lindy Chain in the Ivy colorway.  It’s a linen/cotton fingering weight, with a curious ‘chained’ construction.  The color is so deep that it almost looks black.  I’m not sure just yet what it screams out to be, but it’s definitely interesting.  I think I’ll do some reading on the qualities of linen fibers before I decide.  Off the top all I can think of is that everyone says it just gets better the more that it’s washed.  Intriguing, but I don’t know just where it will lead me.

Next is Swish DK superwash in the Dusk and Bark colorways.  swish

It’s always good to have superwash, and DK is a nice, serviceable weight.  What I find most intriguing about these at the moment is that the ball band styles vary between the two skeins.  I’ll definitely find something worth making out of these, but no immediate inspiration.

Billow Gloss Lace

I’ve actually been thinking of picking up more cotton.  I really do need dishcloths.  But I just can’t see using this Tea Rose Billow as dishcloth material.  It’s just got a softer, squishier feel to it.

Of course, it does feel substantial enough to work well as a cloth.  Maybe a face cloth, because the color is so pretty?  It’s also got a really nice shine about it.    I think I might want a cleaning cloth made from this, but it’s very possible I will want something else more.  Time will tell.

Then there’s the Rouge colored Gloss Lace.  This is a Merino laceweight with 30% silk mixed in.  I’m not a great lover of pink, but I have a skein of wool/silk blue laceweight which may just have been waiting for this one to partner with.  The new Ravelry search feature which lets you key in on numbers of colors in a project will be getting lots of use here.  So many decisions, so little time!

Which brings us to –

Argent Diadem

Diadem Fingering in Argent Solid.  It’s 50% baby alpaca, 50% mulberry silk, this amazing pewter color, and I’m having a hard time finding anything to say about it other than mine!

So, yeah.  Working through a couple of projects with deadlines, but I’ll be better at sharing them with you, and I’ll definitely come back here and let you know what I do with these beauties.

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