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My begonia shawl is done, in all its frilly wonder.  I managed to finish it just in time to get points in this round of Nerd Wars.

In case you don’t recall, this was the yarn I got from Bohemia Fibers, custom dyed to match the colors of the Mystic Mountain portion of the Carina Nebula.


OK, it lacks the orchid tones, but the green/orange thing works well, and I like the way the pattern swirls.  Not too busy after all, but we’ll see how much I actually wear it now that it’s done.

I’ll be knitting the Maryland Flag socks for a while.  I had to rip out the toes (started with too few stitches for his feet) and have finished the increases (he has long toes!) I’ll be doing circular stockinette for a while, the aim is to wait until I’ve at least reached the heel turn before I start a second WIP, but if I get really bored I might start something before then.

Blog Contests

Didn’t win the $25 of Quince and Co from Design Diary, and there’s no word yet about the sweaters worth of watershed from the Harrisville Design blog.   No new contests this time.


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I’ve got a start on the Maryland State Flag socks.  It really took me longer than I expected to get them started.  I dithered back and forth before deciding on the Turkish cast on rather than Judy’s Magic version, and I chose the Knit Better Socks version of asymmetric toes.  Then I was worried about knitting inside out from the beginning (and just continuing to do so when I get to the stranded portion of the legs).  Long and short of it, I have a start, but haven’t even completed the toe increases yet.

My goal is to have the heel turn done by the middle of July, then finish the socks by the end of August.  Nerd Wars determined the pacing, but it seems about right.

socks in progress

Shown here with the white toe inverted, and the black toe as it is being knit…

Of course, while I was dithering about  exactly how to work the socks I kept gong with the Begonia shawl.  I’m on row 84 (out of 91), and although I’m definitely on the ‘long row’ portion of the shawl it doesn’t feel like a terrible slog.   The border is busy, but I don’t think the variegation is ugly here.

Begonia Shawl.

I’m really surprised at how much yarn is left over.

Blog Contests

I won the grand prize in the  Inner Child Crochet 9 year celebration giveaway, 9 free patterns!  So far I’ve downloaded the Sweet Little Horse, the Azalea hat, the Shooting Starf, and the Scarlet Macaw Hand Puppet.  I have five more patterns to choose!  Waffling between several of the wonderful options.

Didn’t win the stitch dictionary from Miso Crafty or Sweatshop of Love,  or the gradient kit from Mountain Colors Yarn.

I entered the Harrisville Design Blog’s contest to win a sweater’s worth of WATERshed yarn.

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My Newest Obsession

As I said in my previous post about the Sheep and Wool Festival,  I adore my new Nostepinne.


I find it absolutely beautiful (though not the most beautiful one the Baltimore Area Woodturners booth sold), I went for the ‘pretty’ ones first (honestly, the clean curves needed make all of them really lovely).  Dark wood always attracts me (I adore cocobola), so I went for the cedar first.  I enjoyed the demo (where we learned how to wind a center pull ball) but the tool was a little bit awkward in my hand.  I picked up another, and another, until I finally found one which felt right in my hand…ImageHonestly, I just didn’t want to put this baby down, the handle is just shaped so perfectly.  It also has grooves spaced exactly an inch apart, so it doubles as a (really big) WPI (wraps per inch) tool.

I’ve tried to find out what I could about the history of it.  Although I’ve found some assertions that it is a ‘centuries old’ device, most of that seems to be cool little bits of folklore and such.  Even Sven the Merchant, who makes cool recreations of textile supplies for a living can’t seem to get a solid date on these.  I can’t seem to get anything solid before mid 19th century, but that seems awfully late…  On the other hand, they’re so simple in function, almost any smooth stick would work, so many of them could have doubled in function as distaffs or spindles easily enough…

Current WIP

ImageDespite the above, I haven’t been obsessively measuring and balling my Sheep and Wool acquisitions.  Instead, I’ve cast on the Begonia Swirl shawl with the Carina dyed yarn from Bohemia Fibers.  So far I’m really loving it, but there’s  voice in the back of my head which warns that this yarn might be too noisy for this pattern.  Will go a bit further and then take some more pictures and see.

Even if it works, I might want to switch to a solid lace weight for the border.  Or not.  The Ravelry Project Gallery for the Swirl has a number of variegated yarns, and they seem to work surprisingly well with the pattern.  Still, I know I have a tendency to go overboard with these things…  We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.


Blog Contests and Yarn Giveaways

I haven’t heard anything about the giveaways from the Musk Ox blog, and I didn’t win the April yarn box giveaway.

I did join the Sweater Babe pinterest giveaway.  (May 25).  Yes, this means I’ve started playing with Pinterest.  I was curious to see what Collen did with the Yellow Hen Pinterest board, then the younger child showed me what she’s done with hers…  So far I’m using it mostly as a tool to collect bookmarks for my next NaNo project (yes, even though I never even started to edit the last one… I know, I know…) and as a temporary holding place for links for the blog or Facebook.  It’s potentially a deadly time sink, but we’ll see how it goes.

Another Expression Fiber Arts giveaway, this one for $100 gift certificate. (May 18th)




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