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Z is for…

Z is for Zombie

I know, zombies are everywhere these days.  They are the cool supernatural creature, giving serious competition to vampires in the pop culture world.

I’m talking about Romero zombies here, which I think are technically ghouls.  ‘Classical’ zombies are people enslaved by a combination of drugs and psychological conditioning.  Romero style zombies are brain eating undead creatures.

There have been lots of models for making zombies science fiction creatures rather than beings of supernatural horror.  There are often analogues cited in the animal world, viral, parasitic and fungal  infections which can have strange effects, causing the infected to behave in programmed, bizarre, and gory ways.  All of these make for wonderful horror fiction fodder.

I must admit, to some extent I have been infected.

I’m not too much of a fan of the primary media sources.  I’ve only seen Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead once each.  I don’t particularly avoid zombie flicks, but I don’t seek them out either.  I’ve never actually watched Walking Dead.  I do, however, watch iZombie, the series about a zombie intern medical examiner and the the rookie homicide cop (they fight crime!)  It’s light and silly and I really enjoy it.

Bohemia ZombieThat’s it, of course.  It’s the ‘lighter’ zombie fare which gets me.  It started out with Plants vs Zombies.  What could be better than planting flowers to protect your vulnerable skull?  There are a number of other silly zombie games out there, including a remake of Lemmings with a zombie theme.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Bohemia Fibers puts out a line of yarn where each skein has a unique color scheme characterized by “blood spatter”.   It comes complete with toe- tag.  A brief search on Ravelry gives over 200 zombie patterns.

Don’t be surprised if some of them pass through this blog some day…



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Y is for Yarn (no surprises here)

Yup.  I love the stuff, and I’m going to briefly hit on the highlights of my stash.

Limon CakesI’m currently knitting with Premier Yarns Serenity Sockweight Solids, and Regia 4-ply for the TARDIS socks.  Not at all a yarn snob choice, but good, workable inexpensive yarn.  They are going on my feet after all.

The Belle Greene shawl, which I’ve mentioned every third post or so, uses Bohemia Fibers flowerBohemian Sock superwash in the Atomic Limon colorway.  This is the UV reactive yarn.  It’s gorgeous, but not particularly smooshy or soft.

My third and final WIP is the Cthulhu dice bag.  It uses Fiber Optic Merino Sport in the Milkweed colorway, and KnitPicks Diadem in Argent.  The diadem is super soft and smooshy, while the Merino is spun so tight it’s almost hard in comparison.

OUD Yarnther favorites are the organic Swans Island fingering in Tiger Lilly, which will probably become a Tesla shawl from Very Busy Monkey.  The DK weight buffalo yarn from Cottage Craft Angora, two skeins of unknown but (presumably) single breed sheep from the University of Delaware’s agriculture program, in school colors,  Bohemia ZombieBohemia Fibers Bohemian Laceweight Yarn in the Potluck Zombie colorway (mine is Bethany Richards who died from skin poisoning by makeup “less really is more”), and, of course, a whole lot of recycled sari silk.

Of course, I’ll be going to the Sheep and Wool festival this weekend, and I do plan to look for single breed and/or locally produced wool there.  Plus some more fingering weight of undefined composition.

I guess these are the most ‘interesting’ yarns I’ve got.  Truth to tell, I love it all.

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B is for Beads

I’ve been knitting the Belle Greene shawl from Stitching in the Stacks.  I’m a short distance into the beaded, knitted on border.  This particular pattern calls for beading individual stitches, rather than stringing the beads on the yarn and then working them in.  It’s a slow and somewhat fiddly process:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

beads on laceLots of work, but still very satisfying.  I’m really glad I took my sisters advice about using unlined glass beads,   You can see how they catch the light, and give a warmth to this project.

I briefly considered using green or yellow beads for this, but given the Atomic Limon yarn I quickly gave that up as a lost cause.

Strangely enough, I’ve got a couple more beaded projects in my Ravelry queue at the moment.  I ordered the Stereo Cuff Kit from Laura Nelkin’s Etsy shop.   The plan is to make the cuff, learn the technique, then use it to make a beaded mini-Dr. Who scarf. beads

I bought the beads some time ago, and tried to make a peyote stitch lanyard.  I failed miserably, but hopefully I can make it work this way.  I’m thinking that if I just use a few beads per narrow row, and embroidery floss in coordinating colors, this should be a reasonably quick and affordable project…

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I didn’t win the Expression Fiber Arts giveaway for $1200 worth of yarn, the Vinterbar Cowl Kit giveaway from Sandrah Singh, or the handmade beads from Silverniknacks. I’ve entered giveaways for carved wooden (and other) crochet hooks from Made of Change (10 April) and for John Arbon yarn/socks from Plutonium Muffins (15 April).

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So I got another wonderful colorway from Bohemia Fibers.  It’s called Atomic Limon and it’s quite brilliant.

I nearly messed up with this yarn.  I bought the first skein without checking the yarn requirements of my project, so then I bought the second one separately.  You guessed it, the dye lots didn’t quite match.  So I put a note in my Ravelry stash description that I’d just alternate skeins as the stitch pattern changed and that I was pretty sure that would work out.  As it turns out, Amy from Bohemia yarns saw the note and offered to swap the two skeins for two new ones.  She even told me that if I put a note on the skein I preferred she’d see if she could get the skeins she sent me more like that one.  Talk about amazing customer service!  So I made the swap, and I’m absolutely thrilled.

The website says it’s blacklight reactive.  I haven’t had a chance to test that out yet, but as you can see it’s pretty bright.

Limon WInding

I wound the two skeins of fingering weight yarn on the nostepinne. Limon Swift I actually dug out the swift for the second one, which took a bit of hunting, but was oh, so worth it.  I had been resorting to using the back of a chair, volunteers hands, or even looping the yarn around my neck for a while.  That was ok when I was winding the diadem yarn, which is super soft.  Not so much for superwash wool…

I had actually forgotten how much easier it is to use an umbrella swift.  The second skein (on the right) took about a third the time to wind that the first one had.  As you can see the shape of the two balls is a bit different.  I think that has to do with the angle I’m winding the yarn onto the ball at.  I’ll have to experiment a bit and see if I can get it consistent.  In any case, they’re both perfectly useful center pull balls.

Limon Cakes

I cast on the Belle Greene shawl from Stitching in the Stacks. The pattern was inspired by an historical figure I’d never heard of before, but she sounds fascinating and the shawl will be amazing.  I’ve finished the stockinette section and have put together an image which shows how the yarn reacts to sunlight – LimonAtomic

No image manipulation, just two pictures taken on my iPhone 5 in burst mode as the car rode under a bridge on a sunny day.  So, yeah.  I figure I’m going to use very bright beads on this baby, because subtle is l-o-n-g gone.

Missed Projects

I’ve made two more Elizabeth Zimmerman patterns.  The Tomten jacket for my two year old niece Margaret, and a co-ordinating Baby Surprise Jacket for her newborn sister Anne.Orioles BSJIn case you hadn’t guessed, the family are huge Orioles fans.  The BSJ is as much fun as I expected, and very simple to knit.  It took a little bit to figure out how to seam it – just a brief struggle followed by an “ah-ha” moment.

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I entered to win a skein of Madeleine Tosh Vintage yarn from Lisa Bogart (end of March).

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I got the Carina yarn!


I’m very happy with how it came out, and am almost certain which shawl I want to make with it.  In the mean time, I’m working on the Forager vest and cowl from Doomsday Knits, which I reviewed on Goodreads some time ago.

Forager is a simple, asymmetric vest with an open, mesh fabric.  I’m actually using a lighter yarn (and larger needles) for an even more open mesh look –


I’m very pleased with how that’s coming along as well.  On size 17 needles it’s a really fast knit!


Blog Contests and GIveaways

I didn’t win the Chocolate yarn, the April Knitcrate, or the Knitted in Switzerland shawl.   No new contests this time (maybe next time).

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Bohemia Fibers is an indy yarn dyer I discovered on Ravelry some time ago.  They dye to order, as in you send them a photograph and they dye the yarn to have the same colors in approximately the same proportions.  It’s great stuff.  The kind of thing you choose a simple stitch pattern for because you just want to let the yarn do the work (besides, something complex would get lost), or you break it up into smaller bits outlined by a solid color.

This winter I followed the Hubble Advent Calendar and fell in love with… well, just about with all of it. I was particularly taken with the Carina Nebula.


More precisely, the “Mystic Mountain” portion of the Carina Nebula (because we now have telescopes powerful enough to get details of nebulae!).

So I ordered a skein of laceweight merino yarn from Bohemia Fibers dyed to reflect this picture. They just shipped it.  I was hoping to get a ‘teaser’ picture of the yarn, but I guess they just do that for their custom dyed series.  In any case, I’m planning to knit a Wirbel with it, or other simple shawl.

I can’t wait for it to get here!

Blog Contests

I didn’t win the chocolate yarn giveaway at Mereknits blog, but I did enter a few more:

Dayana Knits is giving away some lovely Rowan Artprints Aran in a planned pooling giveaway (23 April drawing).

The April Knitcrate giveaway (15 April) is a mystery box, as always

Knitted in Switzerland will give away one of three shawl patterns (12 April)

Crochet Ever After is giving away two skeins of Silverspun yarn and a pattern (30 April)




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