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Well, didn’t win the Knit – A- While Vampire Giveaway.  Ah, well. so it goes, there’s a great KnitCircus giveaway from Sunsetcat

toes and beginning of ribbing on size one circs...

On the plus side, I cast on Ann Bud’s “On Your Toes” socks from Interweave knits. Used Judy Becker’s Magic Cast On (which I love, btw).   It’s a nice, simple pattern, perfectly suitable for TV knitting or late night casual conversation knitting.  The Knit Picks yarn is a great change from my love-hate relationship with mohair as well.  It’s well behaved and doesn’t surprise me (and it looks yummy too).

As I mentioned in the Labor Day Episode of the Ramblin Ambler, I got mixed up about the size of the Addi circs in my knitting bag, and wasted time buying more US #2’s when I needed #1’s. Fortunately, the LYS was really nice about letting me swap them, so that’s cool. (Of course, I probably should have gotten shorter circs, but live and learn).

I’m still working on Haruni (and well into Part B now, need to get a good picture of that I suppose).  Just getting to the point where that part is starting to ‘make sense’, and approaching yet another transition point.   I actually decided I had to print out the chart key, because otherwise I’ll never remember where it’s K2Tog first and Sl2K1PSSO for the other repeats and where it’s Sl2K1PSSO first and Sl1K1PSSO for all the others (or however it goes).

I also frogged the Calla.  I think it had just been hibernating too long, and when I picked it up again I couldn’t get the stitch counts right, and besides, the pattern really would have been better with a shinier yarn.  Maybe market bags for that cotton poly blend…?

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Yeah, not posting here much.  The Ramblin Ambler is turning out to be a big time suck, (though I do include crafting in just about every episode, so it’s relevant). and I’m still moving cautiously on the haruni.  Maybe I should grab Calla for those brain hurts too much to knit lace moments…

No win on the last couple of blog giveaways, but there’s an awesome one (and a new knitting podcast) at Knitting Pipeline, and one at Photo Knit Dog.

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So, now that I’ve mentioned Cast-On withdrawel, Brenda has uploaded another episode.  Cool how that works, huh?

I’ve been procrastinating all morning (and babying myself after a migraine attack yesterday).  Haven’t done anything more useful than playing chauffer to DD#1.    Been working myself up to cast on Calla, a beautiful tank top from the late, lamented MagKnits which I found on Ravelry.    There are some great pics of it on the Same Knit Different Day blog.  It’s been a while since I’ve had two projects going at once, but Haruni’s tiny lace stitches seem like a huge challenge while I’m still headache fogged.  😦

Waffling about casting on yet, I’m still thinking through the mods I want to make.    Do I really want all those rows of eyelets, or should I turn some to twists or cable braids?   I’m pretty sure I want the back plainer than the front, but not sure how much plainer.  I won’t even worry about the neckline/straps until I get close to them, but the basic cable pattern I should plan out before starting.

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