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About April’s Alphabet
This is my first post in the A-to-Z challenge, and I thought I’d take a little bit of space to talk about what it’s about, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it but know me, and about how I’m going to address it, for those of you who are familiar with it but don’t know me.

What it’s about

1,758 bloggers around the world have signed up to all ‘blog the alphabet’ this month. A post a day, in alphabetical order, excluding Sundays. So a post for “A” on the 1st, “B” on the 2nd, etc. Details are left up to each blogger. We are then encouraged to read each others blogs (5/day suggested). Comment. Respond. Subscribe to those that work, and so on.  Eye of the Beholder is currently blog #1159, but that could change as blogs sometimes drop out.

What Eye Behold is about

Everyone knows  that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Many people also know that the beholder is a monster from old school Dungeons and Dragons (book 4, Greyhawk).  It’s a floating eyeball and mouth, with multiple tentacles growing from it, each of which ends in an eyeball.  The only way this creature can interact with the world is by observing it, but, because it’s a highly magical creature it changes whatever it observes.  Heisenberg would have been appalled.

When Gary Gygax invented the creature, he saw it as a monster to be slain – no thought to biology, ecosystem, or society, because that’s the way he approached the game.   Because I was a teen aged girl when I found D&D, and put together a D&D group made entirely of teen-aged girls who liked to explore other ways to interact with the world than slay it, I once had a beholder as a player character.  Gygax would have been appalled.

So there you have most of this blog.  It’s mostly where I brag about my perception of beauty and creative outlets (typically knitting and crochet).  Sometimes I draw connections between tangentially related things, or rant at the unfairness of the world, or geek out about science, or literature, or gaming, or whatever the ‘shiny’ of the moment is.  I am a very geeky person.  This month will have less yarn talk than usual, but there will still be plenty.

I don’t usually provide too many details about my personal life, but since this is as good a place as any I’ll give a brief intro to the newcomers.  I’m a middle aged, married, mother.  I have two daughters in college.  I am very proud, and they are extraordinary, but I want to respect their privacy so I don’t give a lot of details about their lives.  I will be mentioning a few things about them over the course of the month, though.    I really should get myself a ‘real job’ (part time retail work at the moment).   We are fortunate to live close to most of my family and to my husbands family as well.

We also have two cats.  Unfortunately, neither one is named Schrodinger.

Note that I don’t actually know all that much about quantum mechanics.  My background is in molecular genetics, but those puns just weren’t coming today.


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I sprained my shoulder in November, and only now am comfortably picking up the needles again (yes, I completed NaNoWriMo, but it wasn’t easy). Wish I could find my camera, though.

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The REAL Time Sink

The REAL time sink, of course, has been the writing.

Yay!  I’m writing again.   About 40K words since the end of February.  Will post more later.  🙂

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The cleo clutch has made me realize a simple truth.  I don’t hold myself to the same standard when I’m working on a project for myself as I do when it’s for someone else.

The more I mess up the cables, the more I knit myself into a corner and have to improvise (by, for example, running out of purple and adding more colors) the more I’m liking this project…  even realizing that, if it comes out right and I get the wallet I’ll be carrying it everywhere with me.   I’m enjoying the heck out of it, errors and all.

Just as long as it felts OK and the size is right, I’ll be happy with it.

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Just a few random thoughts about the process of creativity.

It seems to me that the ‘basic’ model is a three step process:

  1. (begin) the artist finds ‘inspiration’
  2. the artist labors to create a piece
  3. the artist releases the work to the audience (end)

I don’t think that the actual creative process ends there.  Once the work is ‘released into the wild’ it is transformed and reinvented by each and every viewer.   There are many layers of meaning in any work, and only a few were ‘put’ there by the artist.

I think, for me, that’s why it’s so hard to write for other people.  When I build a ceramic sculpture or knit a hat, the piece really is the message, and any other meaning which the viewer might find…  well, the viewer and I both know that I didn’t put it there.

When I write fiction, I know what I say, and I know what’s behind it, but the reader  only knows what sie finds there.  Not the same at all.  It’s very exciting, but it’s scary as well.

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