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Notice the shiny new subscription button on the sidebar?  Heather (cliodhna on Ravelry) let me know that she couldn’t find one…  I hadn’t realized that the WordPress Navigation bar is only there for members.  (Sorry about that). There are a couple of RSS feed links visible to everyone, but that’s not exactly the same thing, now is it?

Still really tired from yesterday (doing nothing from 5 AM to 11 PM takes a lot out of you, I guess), but I’ve done a lot so far today. I learned that the Global Giving Fundraiser for aid to Japan has raised $70,000. (Haven’t happened on totals from other fund raising efforts)

I entered another giveaway from Vegan Craftastic, this one is for a sock pattern by Lobug Designs (deadline March 21), one for a great bag from The Blueberry Boutiue (deadline March 20), and one for four new patterns by Elegant Economy (deadline March 20).


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I spent nearly all of today in a hospital waiting room. Long story, and not necessarily interesting, but it ended well. During the long periods of boredom and concern I got a lot of knitting done. Here’s the current state of the “H” square:

I’d try to come up with something clever and insightful to say, but I’m just too tired. Instead, I’ll point you to this article my mom sent me first thing this morning – Combat Knitting in Kandahar. I found it both bittersweet and interesting. It reminds me of No Idle Hands, Anne Macdonald’s fabulous social history in America, which first introduced me to the connections between knitting and warfare. I’d be interested to hear what any of you think about it.

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I doubt anyone would be surprised to learn that the time change has not left me feeling invigorated and ready to face the upcoming season.  Even the cats were laid back this morning, rather than coming in to wake me up at 6:30,  Comet jumped on the bed and curled up between the DH (Darling Hubby) and I.    I’d be more encouraged if they hadn’t recognized weekends before.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

No actual blog contests this time, but Sweet & Savory Trinkets is running a raffle fundraiser for Japanese emergency relief, through Global Giving.

In crafting news, I frogged the square back again.  I decided that I’d  cast on more stitches rather than planning to block acrylic to size (um… yeah). This gave me the opportunity to resize the H again, I think 8″ square on a 12″ field pretty much dominates the thing.

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I’ve been too busy obsessively following news from Japan to put together a proper crafty post.  I’m fortunate not have any first degree connections to worry over, but several of my friends have loved ones they are worried about.

If you are trying to locate someone in Japan, try the Red Cross Safe and Well database.  I would not think that everyone who is safe will have access to the internet or phone lines, but it’s a good place to start a search.

If you are looking to donate, here are a list of places collecting to fund relief efforts.  It’s just a collected list of links, so please only contribute to one if you already know (and trust) the organization, or do research on your own.

I may not have been up for crafting this morning, but my younger daughter has been working on a pair of distressed shorts (instructions from WikiHow).  I think they’re looking cute so far.

Did not win any of the previous giveaways (at least not the ones which have already closed). I will post more as they come to my attention.

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It has nothing to do with the theme and scope of this blog, but I feel compelled to say how concerned I am about the earthquakes and tsunami’s in Japan, and those tsunami’s soon to come.  We’ll be hearing about this for a while.

Having said that, I’m going to switch back to knitting and crafts and your regular blog content. Knit Steve has just posted pictures of the second installment of his frog trilogy, which is adorable.

I did size up the “H” on the square, but haven’t gotten very far on that.  I tookribs the tea cozy to the waiting room and, as expected, got a lot done.

I’ve just about reached the decrease rows, and have to decide whether to decrease the angle or keep the pattern as written.  Have frogged back several times trying different angles.  It’s a beautiful teapot, but the cozy might end up with a sort of a funny shape, because of the way the top (in particular, the top knob) is  made.

Wrapping up with blog contests.  I entered a Kama Suutra yarn giveaway at Phat Fiber.  I liked Three Fates Yarn’s Facebook Page for that giveaway.  Did not enter the Red Heart 75 Days of Giveaways because I don’t want the grand prize (75 skeins of super saver? Really?) but the daily prizes actually don’t sound bad. Last, but certainly not least, I entered the Grand Opening giveaway at restless prarie farm. (this last one might be just past the deadline by the time this post is uploaded).

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