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Stuff and More Stuff

It all started out simply enough.  I had an old Altoids tin with band aids and a tiny bead box of pills in it.  I picked up a tiny spray bottle of antiseptic to go in it, and it didn’t fit.  So then I got a tiny first aid kit for $2, which had its own band aids in it.  The first aid spray fit, but my pill box was too tall.  So I swapped it out for an Altoids mini tin, and it fit fine.

Little Boxes

But I didn’t like the way that the first aid box was labeled.  So I made my own label for it, and for the tin.  While I was at it, I decided to turn the old Altoids tin into an emergency sewing kit.  I had an old sewing kit, but it has a faulty catch, and I couldn’t get it open.


I found the clip art through Creative Commons.

Stuff Leads to Stuff

I had a spare set of sewing scissors, but they were too large for the Altoids tin.  So I took the folding scissors I had in one of my notions pouches.  I was able to trade around which scissors went in which pouch to find a place where the spares would fit, but they would have poked holes.

Not a big problem.  I looked around online for a sheath (Etsy has several inexpensive ones).  I found a lovely tutorial on how to make a scissors fob out of a knitting needle protector.  Since I have a needle protector I never use, and all sorts of beading supplies on hand, I decided to save time and money and just make it.



I considered just making the bead loop go through the scissors handle, but I decided that I’d rather have the option of switching it to another pair at a future time.

Finally, Dottie sent me a picture of a necklace I made for Pi Sigma Phi being worn by one of her brothers.



Also Still Knitting

I’m still working on the Walderton.  I’ve completed 38 repeats (out of 36 due in three days).  I’m just going to keep going until I run out of yarn or of time.



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My Mother-in-Law has an old, battered bookcase which has been holding paint cans in her laundry room for some time now.  It’s a funky-ugly thing which someone obviously tried to ‘art’ up at one point, made of particle board and dotted with black and white spray paint.

She is redecorating her guest room with a flower theme and, being a resourceful and creative woman she has decided to refinish this shelf.  She gave me a chance to help, and the two of us just jumped in and started to do it, with more enthusiasm than forethought (neither one of us has done something like this for a while.

She found a Colorbok garden pattern pack (sorry, the company website is hard to navigate and I couldn’t find a good link there) and we were both so excited by the idea of decoupage that we just jumped in and started.  I know it sounds foolish, but the colors are so fun!

So we jumped in and covered the top and sides with lovely floral images.  We were both very pleased with the results.

Once the first layer of papering was done, we began to discuss what we would do with the inside.  Our first thought was just to continue the decoupage, there was plenty of paper, after all.  BUT…  the bookcase has pegs on the insides to hold shelves.  We’re going to need to paint at least a little bit (because that black and white just won’t work with the floral look she’s going for).  I found some painters tape she had in the basement, and we covered the edges and started on the inside. So far we’ve got a layer of mad swirls in yellow over blueish.  It’s somewhat translucent, so the black and white mottling comes through.  I’m not sure what I think, it might be good, might be bad (the picture didn’t come out, so I can’t ask your opinion).

So here it sits.  We’ve begun discussing what sort of trim to use (we’ve discussed rick rack and ribbon, but I’m beginning to speculate on found objects).  I’d definitely be open to suggestions.

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I didn’t win the Knitbot Essentials giveaway from Quince and Co, the Hypocrite Sock Yarn giveaway from Lantium ex Machina, Sandra Singh’s Spring Maple Shawl Kit, the Knitting Project of the Day Submission Contest, or the Yarn Madness giveaway.

I’ve entered Mariknits Name This Shrug contest (1 May) – though honestly I think a better one was posted before mine, the April Giveaway from A Year at the Wheel (April 30)

Coming Soon – I’ve got something different planned for my 100th post!

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