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Adapted from a post I made in the Nerd Wars group on Ravelry – today is May 25th, a day of particular interest to Nerds everywhere.

Legend has it that on May 25 (perhaps in Athens) a young Douglas Adams found himself in a hotel room which lacked towels. He realized that he didn’t even know where his own towel was, and vowed that, from that day forward, he would always carry one with him. Thus today is Towel Day.

As I mentioned in Thursday’s post, May 25th is the anniversary of Ankh-Morpork’s Glorious Revolution of Treacle Mine Road. Wear the Lilac Day also doubles as Alzheimer’s Awareness day.

It just so happens that on May 25th, 1977, Star Wars had it’s theatrical release.

All these geeky anniversaries on a single date… Coincidence, or a confluence of cosmic awareness focused on all things nerdy and geeky.  In either case, it’s something to celebrate.  Here is my crafty acknowledgement this year:


Next year I’ll have to get something more forceful…

In any case, happy Pride Day to all you Geeks out there, whatever your fandom may be!

BLog Contests and Giveaways

Since I’ve heard nothing from the Expression Fiber Arts giveaway for this month, I have to conclude that I didn’t win.  I entered the Tails and Snouts skein giveaway (31 May)



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