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Calling it

Still Not Dead

Once again, there has been a spell of not posting that stretched to months (after I told myself I’d post once or twice a week).  My apologies to anyone who was concerned about my health and well being.  This was simply a case of ‘life gets in the way’.

Changes Have Come

My part time gone has evaporated.  The company I worked for (Cosi) has decided to close the location I worked in.  This is a serious disappointment.

My Mother-in-Law and I have really stopped working on the Etsy store.  This is a bit sad but really not a surprise.  We had very different ideas about what we wanted to do with the store, and how to manage being in business together.  It pretty much withered away from neglect.

Changes in the Future

So right now I’m looking for another job.  I’d accept another part time and/or retail gig as long as it was very close (preferably within walking distance), but I really need a full time position which pays a ‘grown up’ salary.  I’m concentrating in administration and customer service positions, but if anyone knows of a job in the Baltimore-Washington corridor which might be hiring and which I might be qualified for, please let me know.

I’ve also been thinking about why the Etsy shop didn’t work.  I was concerned about potential problems from the beginning, and I didn’t fully commit.  If I had the right partner (or partners), it would be easier to get behind it.  At least someone who has the organizational skills I am weak in and who sees the value in a written agreement.

So that’s what I’m musing about.  Next post should come soon, and will be more in the ‘what I’ve been knitting’ line.  There’s some good stuff.


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Well, we’ve got the Etsy shop set up, with a dedicated e-mail account for it.  I’ve contacted an Etsy Street Team, and designed a minimal banner and avatar (which I plan to redesign once I’ve got some product pictures).  I went out and bought a mini tripod for my digital camera to take said product pictures, I used to own one but fidgeted it to death, so this time I’ll know what I’m doing…

I’m saving the ‘formal’ announcement until we’ve got something in the shop to sell, but even so I’m beginning to feel some excitement about this.  Now I’m just hoping I can turn some of that optimism into results.

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Thinking… thinking

My M-i-L is about to start her own Etsy story (still in the coming up with a name stage) to market her handmade jewelry.  She’s got some truly lovely stuff.  I’ve agreed to help with the setting up process, and make a few pieces of my own to add to her inventory.  She would very much like a partnership arrangement, but I’m a bit leery of going into business with a friend/relative.   I really want to set things up so that if I should lame out/become overwhelmed I’m not going to leave her in a bad position.

Wish me luck!

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