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Daughter of the Sun

Full disclosure: I received free kindle copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review on Amazon and Goodreads (other places were requested but not required).  I am reviewing the Kindle version of the book, which can be purchased on Amazon.


The story centers on Trinity, an English orphan who was raised by nuns. She is found by her family, and slowly all the weird things about her begin to become clear. Trinity, it turns out, is not a simple orphan after all. She is the last of a long line of women descended from ancient Egyptian priestesses and she is the heir to a vast fortune, and the possessor of mysterious powers. She has also, it seems, inherited powerful enemies..

It’s a good premise, and Trinity is a good character. She’s a good, strong, character, but not too good to be true. She has (and occasionally recognizes) weaknesses of character, she’s impulsive and prone to do things which she might (or might not) regret. In short, she’s a believable and reasonably likeable teenager.

The weakest part of the story might spring from a desire to adhere to classics in the genre. The heroine is a blonde haired green eyed Englishwoman, with a good strong Christian background, thrown into a pagan world. The contrast does generate some internal tension, but I can’t help but think that it would have been more interesting (and weighted with fewer unfortunate implications) if she had looked more the part of the Egyptian priestess, and perhaps been raised with a strong Muslim background instead. Definitely an opportunity missed there, it would have seemed so natural to have a protagonist of color from a minority religion. It would have seemed very natural, too.

Other than that, it’s a good read, with lots of action and not too much thought (though there is certainly some). There are a couple of plot ‘twists’ which are set up well ahead of time, and it’s fairly satisfying when they are revealed. This is the first book in a trilogy, and although it does end, it doesn’t read like a stand alone story. Look for book two to take up right where this one leaves off.

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