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FO Friday

No new FOs since last time

I haven’t finished anything since the Eyeball hat, but I hope you’ll appreciate these projects I made during my blog hiatus.


The Sea Otter amigurumi, a free pattern by Donatella Principi

This was a get well gift for a friend of Dottie’s.

I finally finished the Hirshorn shawl (the Illustriation shawl by Wooly Thoughts:


It only took nine months.  I gave it away.

I made another Nora’s Fish – this one out of fingering weight yarn, and it makes a great cat toy.

Happy Mini

Happy Cat 2.gif

Not exactly cranking things out, but stuff got made.

Blog Contests and Yarn Giveaways

I didn’t win the Knitter’s Pride shawl blockers.  I didn’t enter any new giveaways this week.


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Well, another week has gone by without a post.  Sorry about that.  Things got a little bit rough there culminating in a migraine yesterday.  I “managed” it with a combination of NSAIDS and caffeine (thank you Death Wish coffee!) but I missed out on the Halloween festivities (and posting blog entries) as a result.

I’ll just give a quick rundown of WiPs and FOs, then try to get back on some sort of schedule.  Please forgive me if this post makes less sense than usual, because the aftermath of a migraine feels like having a head stuffed with cotton wool…


Owl Hat

I made the Owl Earflap Hat for my niece, Maggie.  I deliberately picked a project I could get finished fast, because her birthday crept up on me.  I chose a crochet pattern because, although I knit more, it always feels as though crochet goes faster for me. I worked it up in Lion Brand Homespun, which is sort of a ‘guilty pleasure’ yarn for me.  I  It worked beautifully as a ‘one day’ project.  Then, through missed signal did not (and still have not) managed to catch up with her to give it to her.  It’s adorable, but I imagine it will have a lot of ‘grow room’.  Oh, well, she’ll still get a kick out of it.

Still in Progress

Five Sweater selvedgeThe cricket sweater is looking pretty good, even if I haven’t made that much more progress on it.  I’m really happy with my decision to make the slipped stitch selvage.  I know it’s not a big ‘pattern alteration’ by any stretch of the imagination, and at my point in knitting it shouldn’t still feel like a victory every time I try a little change and am pleased with it, but somehow it does.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  The fact that the selvage is actually doing what I want it to, and looks neat and finished, makes me happy.  I take my victories where I can find them.

The other WiPs are all going along pretty well.  The Illustriation shawl is nearing the halfway point,  the Mont Royal socks are crawling along,Nameless Dino Spine Placement

The Nameless Dino hat is moving right along.  I could probably finish it tonight if I pushed.  Like all toddler hats, it’s going to be super adorable, that’s just the way these things go.  I’m taking my time on the spines, and trying out several spine arrangements (with T-pins) as I make it.

The patterns call for making the spines  by casting on 11, reducing to 2 then increasing back to 11.  Instead I used the Turkish cast on with 2 stitches, knit in the round and increased one stitch per needle until I had 11, then cast off as directed.  There’s no reason to have the spines ‘open’, as far as I can tell.

Blog Contests and Yarn Giveaways

I didn’t win the giveaway for Knit, Purl Pray from Lisa Bogart, but I entered her November drawing for a selection of T2 Teas (30 November).  I also entered the Simple Homestead drawing for Wonder Clips (12 November), the Aroha Knits drawing for the Mizhu Shawl pattern and a skein of Frieda Fuchs yarn to make it (12 November) and a Luxury Yarn Package giveaway from Expression Fiber Arts (15 November)

So that’s it for now.  My head is almost back to normal now.  If the migraine goes according to my usual pattern it will be a bit worse in the morning, but then it’ll be gone until the next one hits.  Hope to be posting with a clear head sometime soon.

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The Pattern Posting Lessons

It’s been almost a week since I posted the Vexing Socks pattern.  More than 500 people took advantage of the coupon code, and three missed it.  People visited the blog to get the coupon code, and many of them took a look around the blog.  I don’t know how many ‘followed’, but there wasn’t a noticeable uptick in comments.   I had one individual ask if I would knit the socks for him.  (The answer to that was no).  Two of my test knitters linked their FOs to the pattern in the Ravelry database, and it’s in 9 queues with 96 favorites.  Not bad.

If I do publish any more patterns I think I will do the coupon code thing again, but just for three days (since the vast majority of the activity on the pattern took place over the first three days).  I think, on the whole, it went well.

In Other Knitting

I finally succeeded in using the crochet cast on for Kris Hanson’s Dino Cap. I’m having a lot of fun with this project.  The toddler’s parents are big fans of the Washington NFL team, so the cap is in burgundy and gold.  I’ve called my Ravelry project “The Dino Who Shall Not Be Named” in honor of the current controversy.  I cast on in gold, but switched to burgundy in the middle of the first earflap (just after the decreases).  Since the short rows in the flaps are done without yarn overs or other methods of smoothing there is a built in picot edge, and it makes a nice transition point.  I switched back to gold and did the same process for the second flap.   Knit to the same depth in burgundy as I had in gold, and attached the working edge to the cast on edge with a three needle technique.  I’m rather pleased with the results.

Nameless Dino Hem

Space and Organization

Five Explosion

That cool snail thing you’re seeing is a Debra’s Garden needle gauge. The blue blob is a yarn bra – which is pretty helpful when you’re working with cotton in particular.

I’m making good progress on the cricket sweater as well.  I’ve worked through the underarm decreases on the back, and I’m

enjoying it very much.  I’ve already switched that project into the new project bag. It did still fit into the previous bag, but the Illustriation shawl was cramped in the next smaller bag, so I did a bit of shuffling around.

I also had to admit that the Altoids box was no longer working as a notions tin.  I had blown the hinges on one, and replaced it with a new Altoids tin, but even handling it gently I had trouble getting it closed consistently.

So I replaced that with a Lantern Moon knit aid case.  I already mentioned that I had ordered up a Namaste Better Buddy to have one notions case per project bag, and that came in as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My sets obsession has driven me to order yet another Debra’s Garden gauge so that every Project Bag which is actively in use can have one clipped to it.  I know it’s pretty silly, but that’s what I’m doing with it.

I could go off and talk about the pen and notebook thing, but I’ll save that for another time.

Blog Contests and Yarn Giveaways

I didn’t win the Thick and Finn, Swan’s Island or Kangarth knits giveaways.  I entered a giveaway from Hands Occupied for a skein of Silverspun yarn (30 October).

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September was rather a crazy month for us.  I’m not going to go into too much detail, but we saw Abby safely off to her Peace Corps staging, and waited breathlessly to learn that she’s arrived safely in Senegal.  It still churns up all sorts of different emotions to think about it, so I’m just going to get back to blogging about knitting.

It’s been a month since I’ve posted, so here goes.

Finished Objects

I finished the Stereotypical Shades in September, and that’s it.  Yup, a whole month, and only one FO.  Not that I’m down on myself, or the project.  It turned out beautifully:

Stereotypical FO

It was a stashbuster project.  I used diadem (leftover from the Win Either Way cowl) and Pagewood Farm Denali sock yarn (left over from the Wayfarer shawl) on the outside, and Old Maiden Aunt laceweight (from the Bigger on the Inside shawl) for the lining.Stereotypical WIPAs you can see the color values are very close to each other.  If I knit this one again I’ll go for something which pops a bit more, but I’m still pleased with this one.

Works in Progress

The Mont Royal socks are just starting to come together.

Mont Royal WiP

The cricket sweater for my husband is coming along, but slowly.  I haven’t gotten to the armholes yet.  Since I’m working it in pieces that means very slowly indeed.

I’ve cast on another shawl.  This one is Illustriation, by Wooly Thoughts.  It’s a fun striped and textured shawl, which does the standard Illusion thing of looking different depending on the angle of observation.

Illustriation WiPShades of purple for this one.

Row Counter

What I’m really excited about right now is my new row counter.  It’s definitely an indulgence, but I’m thinking I’ll have to budget and get one for each project bag.  It’s a ring

CritSucessIt’s made by a CritSuccess, which is a high end RPG supply company, the other rings they sell are dice. How cool is that?!  (watch for them on Geek and Sundry this holiday season!).  I really cannot fangirl enough about this.

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I didn’t win any of the giveaways I had entered.   I entered Lisa Bogart’s latest giveaway, for a copy of her book Knit, Purl, Pray (end of October).  I also signed up for another Mooglyblog giveaway, this one for Yarn Happy (7 October)

So, yeah.  That was my September.  Hopefully I’ll do better about sharing October as it unfolds.

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