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Wedding Plans

The wedding plans continue to move forward.  Abby and Alex have found one venue they really like, but it’s not available for a full year – I could have told them that.  I think I did tell them that.  In any case, there are a couple of tentative dates now, both in July of 2020.  So, yay!  That gives me a full year to finish…

The Wedding Shawl

Which is going pretty well at this point (touch wood).


The nupps show really well in this picture, you’re going to have to take my word on the beads, but that word is ‘beautiful’.  There is also a lifeline on row 14 (which doesn’t show up at all, but it’s there and it does the right thing).  I’m currently on row 18.

The KP Luminance is wrapped in yarn socks from Slipped Stitch Studios.  They also do the right thing.

Not the Wedding

I had three interviews last week, two phone screens and one face to face.  I have a second FtF interview at the same place in the works for late next week.  I’m really liking this place, and not just because it’s within easy walking distance of my house.

The ointment for Captain’s eyes is helping.  Definite improvement after a week, although he is beginning to lose patience with the process.  Yes, beginning, after a week of having his eyes dosed twice a day.  Have I ever mentioned how mellow Captain is?

So, now that the shawl and the cat are starting to shape up, my mother in law’s starting to get health issues.  Or, rather, her recovery from the stroke may not be as miraculous as we thought.  I’m sure there will be more to come in future posts.



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Wedding Shawl

I cast on on Monday, and worked rows 1-4.  It went well, the beads were perfect, no nupps yet.

Tuesday (yesterday) morning I woke up and realized that I must have skipped row 3 and went straight to row 5.  I had worked a row with beads and YOs both, and I remembered quite clearly that there was a row with beads only, no YOs.

I was quite productive for that morning.  I had a job interview, so I wasn’t planning to knit early in the day.  I calmed myself down, reminded myself that I had worked both ends of the shawl the same way, so it was up to me to decide if I wanted to frog the whole thing or declare it a ‘spontaneous pattern revision’ and just go with it.   I was leaning towards soldiering on, and succeeded in putting it in the back of my mind and going to the interview.

I got to this one on time (go me!), and found that the interviewer and I had similar ideas about things (like documenting calls).  It felt really good.    Then I ran a few errands, and got back home with a thank you card, a bag of kitty litter, and lunch.

By the time I was ready to knit my head was in a good place.   My mood was much depleted by realizing that I had mislaid my notions box (it’s here somewhere), and bolstered that I’d worked row 3 perfectly.  I’d apparently dreamed the beads only row.   One day and I’m already dreaming about it?  Yeesh!  I need that job for more reasons than just money, apparently.

Other Things

I took the cats to the vet for their annual today.  I say annual, but it’s been longer than it should have been.  Nothing too dramatic, but a couple of things to keep an eye on.  Ideally Comet should have his teeth cleaned (for those of you who don’t know, this is a major procedure for cats, as it needs to be under general anaesthesia).  I’m not sure how I feel about the risk, and the expense is a bit much while between jobs.  He also has hairballs (we knew that) and should be brushed regularly.  He’s become more patient with letting me groom him lately (the vet says that he might just be less flexible with age) so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Captain has lost some weight, and has an eye infection.  He needed to lose the weight, but since he hasn’t been getting weighed every year we don’t know if it’s a sudden loss or not.  She also gave me some ointment for his eyes, which he allowed me to administer with nominal objections.

It definitely could be worse.

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So here’s the thing.

I have no job.  I was given the option of getting COBRA for insurance, which was the only way to avoid lapse of coverage.  I have a diagnosis and a scheduled treatment which will be quite expensive.

So I got the COBRA, thinking that as soon as I got verification of coverage I would go to the state marketplace and get a less expensive plan, so less out of pocket right now and no pre-existing condition.  Simple, right?

As soon as the COBRA paperwork came (end of February) I sent in the check.  It was cashed on March 14.

Over the weekend I got a letter from the insurance company stating that my coverage was valid through March 12 (the letter was dated March 11).

The customer service representative just said she couldn’t do anything.  I had to demand that the call be escalated before she checked to see that the coverage was in force (even though the system says it’s not).  I’m ready to kill someone.

In the job hunt front – I applied to a position with the State of Maryland.  They want to interview me (AWESOME!).  They want a college transcript.  OK, shouldn’t be a problem.  I hope. The last time I tried to get a transcript I went round and round with the registrar’s office for a while before they found me – apparently my birthdate is wrong in the system.  So I had sent in the documentation to get my records corrected.  I tentatively tried to request my transcript again…  Nope.  Can’t find myself in the database.  The campus, apparently, is on spring break.


I have until March 26 to schedule an interview on April 1.

That’s just today.  I’m not even going to get into last week…

Honestly, this whole thing feels like a bad April Fools joke.


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Job Hunting Sucks

I’m in a state of shock about exactly what happened.  How much was me, and how much was them?  I may never get all the answers, but I really feel that something went seriously wrong, and it wasn’t all on me.

I’ve found some interesting positions and applied.  My old temp agency has offered me some part time gigs I’ve had to turn down; I had said I’d be available Monday, they had something available immediately,  there was an evening and weekend admin job at a tax agency, which sounded tempting, but it would mean that I’d be committed to not taking a full time (i.e. insurance providing) job until April, or I’d be leaving them in the lurch.

There was the barely literate email contact which offered me the possibility of working from home, shipping and receiving packages.  That one kind of creeped me out, and I’ve passed it along to the FTC to let sort it out.

There are also three separate sales openings.  Nothing, and I mean nothing in my resume says sales.  I have no interest.  I’ve worked with sales people, I know that some people really love it, and if you don’t need to sell you’ll probably hate it.

I don’t need to sell.  I have no intention of taking an outside sales position.

I did apply to an entry level recruiter position, and as far as I can tell that’s the resume which has generated the interest.   I’ve already gone through one video interview, and have a face to face interview with another company lined up for tomorrow.  I expect to have no interest in the position, but interviewing itself is valuable practice.   I’ll stop by and visit my mother and sister afterwards, because I don’t see them often enough.  That should make up for what I expect to be a completely wasted half hour drive.

Who knows, it might surprise me.

I’ve been using the rest of my expanded free time to catch up on housework, and I’m planning on doing NaNoWriMo again this fall.

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Calling it

Still Not Dead

Once again, there has been a spell of not posting that stretched to months (after I told myself I’d post once or twice a week).  My apologies to anyone who was concerned about my health and well being.  This was simply a case of ‘life gets in the way’.

Changes Have Come

My part time gone has evaporated.  The company I worked for (Cosi) has decided to close the location I worked in.  This is a serious disappointment.

My Mother-in-Law and I have really stopped working on the Etsy store.  This is a bit sad but really not a surprise.  We had very different ideas about what we wanted to do with the store, and how to manage being in business together.  It pretty much withered away from neglect.

Changes in the Future

So right now I’m looking for another job.  I’d accept another part time and/or retail gig as long as it was very close (preferably within walking distance), but I really need a full time position which pays a ‘grown up’ salary.  I’m concentrating in administration and customer service positions, but if anyone knows of a job in the Baltimore-Washington corridor which might be hiring and which I might be qualified for, please let me know.

I’ve also been thinking about why the Etsy shop didn’t work.  I was concerned about potential problems from the beginning, and I didn’t fully commit.  If I had the right partner (or partners), it would be easier to get behind it.  At least someone who has the organizational skills I am weak in and who sees the value in a written agreement.

So that’s what I’m musing about.  Next post should come soon, and will be more in the ‘what I’ve been knitting’ line.  There’s some good stuff.

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Poetic Spam

The following appeared in my Akismet spam queue.  I was tempted to let it go through, because it’s so gosh-darned poetic it’s almost cute.

What is a defense test and do? As it’s, The category is hellbent on facilitating crimes that barefoot running has metamorphosed ideas to begin making users on the other hand together with the pitch almost dependent. They can undertake big; They can not discuss cheap. That they are unable to decant even about the qb

Then again… no.  Friggin’ spammers.

The Job Hunt

So far in August I’ve applied for 13 jobs and had 4 interviews (for three jobs).  This is a lot better than July’s totals, and I have to say that the Maryland Workforce Exchange really showed me how (and why) to target resumes to a job.

One interview (face to face) was with an employment agency, for general Admin work.  The jobs I’m in line for are all very local,they know I want temp to perm,  and they have my resume and vitals on file.  It went well, but I haven’t had a call back.

Two interviews were for a Regulatory Affairs Assistant position.  I expect that it sounds dreadfully dull to 90% of my readers.  Regulations are nobody’s favorite thing, but…  BUT…  it’s research regulation.  These particular dotted i’s and crossed t’s are all about advancing science without allowing the next Tuskeegee experiment (or MKUltra, or some outbreak of GM E coli).  The people were all very nice, from the receptionist on up, and I think I would like working there.  Actually, I am ridiculously excited about the possibility of getting this job.  Not at all excited about the commute, though.

The final interview was for a help desk position for employees of  a company which provides video content.  It was a video interview.  I found it an interesting experience, but not as satisfying as an interview with back and forth.  Fortunately, they’ve asked me to come in for a face-to-face interview on Tuesday.  I’ve read up on their website, and I think I could become ridiculously excited about this one, too (I’ll know more once I’ve actually spoken to employees).  I’m already excited about the commute.  I could take the bus in and walk home, if the weather is nice (depending on the hours I might be willing to walk both ways…  I might do a test walk this weekend and see how it goes).  Maybe I could even get the bike fixed up and cycle in to work.

Obligatory Bragging About the Girls

I know I should shut up and let them toot their own horns, but they’re both doing so amazingly well.  Abby sounds like she’s thoroughly integrated into her village (though she’s very modest about it).  Dottie has been specifically invited to apply to a prestigious paid internship after she graduates.  Exciting stuff.

They’ve also both coming to the conclusion that feminism is ‘a thing’ after all, and not just some hippie nostalgia Mom hangs on to.  It’s a bit disconcerting that there are parallels between the norms and expectations for women and marriage in rural Senegal and rural Ohio.

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Random Stuff About My Life

The Post Which Never Was

Back in March I began to write a very long and detailed post about volunteering to be in an NIH study.  It was good, and I was going to finish it and post the whole thing today, but I realized that my memory of the study (which took place in January) is now pretty vague.  So instead of giving you a detailed description, I’m going to have to summarize.

NIH is a cool place to visit
As in oddly scary security screening (although everyone was friendly and polite) giant fishtanks, gorgeous displays, and everyone willing and interested in explaining the science.
They like me there
They appreciate interested and engaged volunteers. I absolutely felt like the favorite volunteer ever!
They like knitting there
There was a lot of waiting around. I figured out how to knit with a tube stuck in me, and a number of people watched. One of the doctors was a knitter, so she kept me thinking about ‘name the famous male knit designers’ instead of the invasive sample she was taking.
There was not fun stuff too
Invasive samples are not fun. Being intubated and having blood taken every few hours is not fun. Fasting and being pumped full of sucrose is not fun. No matter how polite everyone is, and how interested you are in the process, there are going to be not fun parts in human experimentation.

The particular study I was in had to do with the effects of antiinflammatories on metabolic syndrome.  In particular, how antiinflammatory medicine affects the calcium ion channels reaction to insulin in fatty tissue in patients with metabolic syndrome.  I ended up as a healthy control, so they just took one fat biopsy.  Thanks to this study I now know that I don’t have metabolic syndrome, and a little bit more about how my body works.

I may well volunteer for another study, because it was cool.

Looking for Work

Over the past three weeks I’ve put in ten job applications and had four interviews at three different places.  Two phone interviews, one in person interview and one video interview over a phone app.  I’ve got a spreadsheet to track (because I’m that kind of geek).  I have one good interview suit (which I’ve used) and a number of less good but still acceptable options to wear for second interviews.

The three positions I’ve interviewed for are (in chronological order):

  1. Administrative/front office (interview with placement agency)
  2. Regulatory Affairs Assistant
  3. Help Desk

I never thought I’d be interested in any sort of regulatory work, but, honestly, this job would be really exciting.  I wouldn’t be enthused about that commute, though.  Of course, if Steve gets a job near there (and it’s possible) that makes it all come together nicely.

The help desk position is the one which had the video interview.  I’d be providing applications support, and I know that I can handle the job.    It was an odd experience, but it makes sense for this particular company (they produce video content) and it’s only round one.  I hope I make it to round two, because I’d prefer a more interactive interview.

So that’s it, almost.  Except that I do have a literal fridge cleaning recipe.  I made this on Friday, when I realized that there was a cup of home made chicken broth which I had better use up or throw out.  Here’s what I threw together:

Fridge Cleaning Soup Recipe

1 cup homemade broth

1 cob corn

2 baby carrots

2 T quinoa (this is what I used, it was way too much.  2t probably better).

Heat broth over medium heat.  While it’s warming, put the carrot cob in the microwave (husk and all) for one minute. Remove from microwave.  Cut off stem end and squeeze cob out (corn is cooked and cob is shucked all at once).  Cut kernels from cob and discard cob.  Chop up baby carrots.  Add corn, quinoa and carrots to broth and simmer for five minutes.  Remove from stove and eat.

Clean Fridge soup

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