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W is for…

W is for Wire Blocking

Last week I got the call from my LYS  that my blocking wires have come in.  I picked them up on Saturday.  So if I were to finish the Belle Greene  shawl by this weekend I might be able to get it blocked in time for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival  next weekend.   It’s still a long shot, though.

I’ve done a little bit of research on how to use them at least, so once I’ve got the shawl done there will be nothing holding me back.

Blog Contests and Yarn Giveaways

I entered a giveaway for Louisa Harding Merletta yarn from This Knitted Life (unknown). For Fino yarn and a pattern to go with from While They Play Designs (9 May) and  a Purl Alpaca Designs pattern from Plutonium Muffins (6 May),.

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U is for…

U is for Unblocked

I’ve heard many times that lace looks unattractive before it’s blocked, but I don’t agree with that.

Belle Greene UnblockedHere’s the Belle Greene shawl with the border half way done.  To me it looks lush and welcoming.  Yes, I do plan to block it when it’s done, but I do enjoy the look of it in its current state.

It’s not specific to this lace pattern either.

unblocked reverieReverie beret

Here is a “Reverie” beret.  The blocked hat on the bottom is beautiful, but the unblocked version is also interesting.  Although I’m not planning to go around wearing unblocked lace, I do enjoy it in every stage of its creation.

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I didn’t win the Mooglyblog Ficstitches giveaway, the John Arbon giveaway from Plutonium Muffins, the $50 KnitPicks gift card from Fiber Flux or the Trion Design pattern collection.  No new giveaways this time.

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new shoes with funky lacesFound my camera, yay!

Before I lost it I took a couple of pictures.  There’s one from the inside of the car while driving my husband to work.  There are a couple I took on a walk.  Then there’s this one, of my new sneakers (because I’d killed my old ones over the course of a few years.    They came with the two pairs of shoelaces, as you see.  Since then, I’ve updated with a different two lace method from Ian’s Shoelace Site, because this is the internet and you can find anything…

Nothing new to report on the Etsy site yet.   Made some progress on Haruni, but I’m going to need a longer lifeline before I can finish part A.

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Knitpicks cable linker visable through stitchesWell, as I was nearing the end of the last round of lace repeats in part A of Haruni, I realized that there was a BIG problem.  The first ‘stem’ was really, tragically, misshapen.  I finally realized that there was no way to delicately work back on this one, there was nothing for it but to frog back to my lifeline.

Remember how I said I didn’t much liking with the Claudia handpanted mohair, but I’d probably start to love it by the end of the project.  Yeah, I was loving it, up until I started to frog.  Then it turned into this cobwebby, goopy, grabby ooze of a yarn.  That, and it broke (so I spit spliced it).   That was just, well, a really gross tactile experience.

On the other hand, now that I’m back at the lifeline, with all the stitches neatly picked up again and my Knit Picks cables neatly linked together with that little adaptor I picked up, I’m prepared to start loving the project once more.  Hopefully I’ll be back where I was soon, then I’ll check the size of my yarn ball (expecting the 17x mm circumferance or more), and get on to the excitement of knitting that lovely border.

In other news, it’s damn hot here.  And my A/C is broken.  Posting from the computers in the public library (did I ever mention that I love my library?).

Edited to add – I found a blog contest which gives away a skein of Lorna’s Laces (I’ve always wanted to try that!) Check out Kim Werker’s blog.

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I found the camera, and did drive down 95 yesterday, but chickened out when it came to pulling over and taking the picture.  I got this on through the passenger side of the car while driving down route 1, though:

Vet's Liquor, Route 1Of course, as soon as I uploaded it to Flickr I found a better one of the same thing, actually, a whole bunch of them. Notice how well KimberlyFaye composed the picture.  I’d be jealous if I hadn’t taken mine while driving by.   I think I did reasonably well, considering.  I guess rule #1 for take better pictures is stop the car?  Meh, I’m not unhappy with it.

…and speaking of knitting, today’s blog contest is brought to you by ArizonaKnitter, who’s giving away the Vogue Lace Knitting Stictionary.  Check it out!

I’ve been working on Haruni, and am really pleased with the progress.  I followed a tip from Ravelry, and threaded my lifeline through the hole in my KnitPicks interchangeables (it’s there to tighten the tip with).  This brings it through easily and without worrying about skipping a stitch, and it doesn’t slow down the knitting either.  The downside is that I can’t use my ‘snag free’ stitch markers, there needs to be a break in the loop to free the lifeline with.  Ah, well, it’s a learning experience anyway.

Haruni Lace PatternI keep taking pictures of the Haruni, hoping I can show how the lace pattern develops.  I’m not really satisfied with what’s been coming through.  But see if you can spot how the center of one ‘leaf’ leads to the next ‘stem’ and vice versa.  Little, interlocking curves of stitches, making airy and dense sections which flow into each other.   I’m really happy with it.  As predicted, the mohair is growing on me as well.

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Preserves in the sunlight

Here’s part of what I was thinking of when I mentioned taking better pictures.  This doesn’t really capture the way the apple jelly caught the sunlight.  Something to work on , then.  In the meantime, pictures are up of the KnitNotWar 1,0o0 project.  Very worth enjoying!

These preserves, apple and strawberry, come to you via the farmers’ market.  The same market has got me thinking of various food security and ethics issues, but I’m afraid that if I start going off in that direction I might scare off the few readers this blog has…  It’s the sort of thing which might do better in my old blog, Penumbral Lore, which I’ve neglected for even longer than this one.  Maybe I’ll combine the two (and use categories for easy avoidance…).  That blog is themed about the intersection of science and !science.  This one is themed about beauty.  Not the easiest merge, but with a sufficiently broad definition of beauty it might work.

Since the blog hop hasn’t worked so well, I’m going to add a blogroll of people who show a tendency of commenting on this blog (starting now), starting with Thea, whose idea the hop was in the first place.    Also, her blog is really fun.  (I found a link to a free soap giveaway, which I entered, and a bunch of other giveaways, which I didn’t).  She also updates more often than I do…   :=/

I got my partner for the $10 yarn swap, but she doesn’t have a blog I can link to (or stalk…).   She’s very nice, but allergic to cats, which means that I’ll have to be very very careful about storing fur attracting swap swag (maybe the trunk of the car will work).   Ah, well, got to love a challenge.

I took more WIP photos, trying to really capture Haruni’s developing pattern, but now I can’t find my camera.  Obviously it’s hiding from the trip down 95 I’ve got planned for today…

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Haruni - A Work in ProcessWell, I’ve been working on the Haruni, and it’s coming along nicely.  I’m getting used to the Claudia’s Handpainted Mohair as well.  That beautiful halo (which I love, BTW) comes from horrible, hairy, loosely plied yarn, which I didn’t think I could tolerate.  Who knows, by the time the project’s done I might well miss it.

I’ve been dealing with Cast-On withdrawal by working through the CraftLit back catalog.  This is actually more entertaining than downloading directly from Libravox, both for the book-clubish elements and because rather than choosing from hundreds of books I’ve been choosing from a limited library.  Just finished Turn of the Screw, and am in the middle of A Tale of Two Cities.  I’m thinking I’ll skip Frankenstein, because that would be re-reading, and it’s not the point of the exercise.

I’ll probably be starting another project in the next few days.  It’s always nice to have more than one thing on the needles.  I’m also considering joining a yarn swap.  If I do it, I’ll post it.

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Haruni in progress Well, I knit the first 21 rows of Haruni, then frogged back and knit again.    As you can see from the picture, the work in progress has symmetry, which the first go round rather lacked.  I am using lifelines this time around.

Got an e-mail this week from Sean McKeel of  KnitNotWar 1,0o0.  This is an art installation where cranes from all sorts of knitters are displayed as part of an anti-war protest.  I knit (and felted) ten cranes a couple of years ago, then forgot all about it.   I was contacted to confirm the spelling of my name, and went back to the blog to see how things are progressing.  I’m looking forward to seeing pictures after all this time…

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Originally uploaded by efbq

Yeah. I know. My last post was in May of ’09. sorry about that.

Still here, still knitting. I’m about to start my most ambitious project to date, a mohair shawl known as Haruni (which is the Elvish word for grandmother, per Tolkein). The pattern, which is absolutely awesome, is a free download from Ravelry. (If you don’t have a Ravelry account Chemgrrl has a picture up on her blog)

So I’ve got some really yummy yarn, Claudia’s Handpainted Yarns Kid Mohair in “Just Plum”.  I found an amazing shawl pin which matches it perfectly.  The pattern calls for the same yardage as in my skein, and states that about half the yardage goes into the border, and states very clearly how many repeats of the base pattern to do before beginning the border.

Still, I’m a bit paranoid about running out of yarn in the middle of the border, so I want a check on how many repeats I can manage.  To that end I’m pulling out my algebra skills, so I’ll be able to reassure myself I’m not going to run short.

I don’t have a really good scale, so I’m going to have to rely on measurements.  The ball is 217 mm in circumference.

IIRC, circumference is 2π4 and volume is 4/3 πr3

By my calculations, this gives a radius of about 35mm, and a volume of about 179,503mm3.

So, half that volume (89,751mm3) would give a final radius of 28mm and a circumference of 176mm.  So I have a way to check myself.

Of course, the first calculations gave me a final circumference of 35mm, which can’t be right, so who knows how far off my math still is…

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Mindlessly Complex

About half-wayThe current ‘alpha’ project is a birthday dress for my little niece, who will soon be turning four.  It’s the “Merry Maiden’s Dress” from Interweave Knits Spring 2007 issue.

The bodice was very quick, k2p2 ribbing all around.  The sleeves went well too, once I had memorized the lace pattern.


The skirt isn’t as slow as I’d worried it might be, but it’s still a complex pattern. 20 stitch cable panels with a 16 row repeat interspersed with lace panels expanding from 3 to 33 stitches, and an 8 row repeat (the same lace pattern as the sleeves, fortunately). So far I’ve finished a little more than 8 inches – the skirt should be 18″ total, but I’ll stop when I run out of time or yarn and just edge it there.

The yarn I’m using (Wendy Aran) comes in a one pound center pull ball… No luck finding a yarn sleeve for that, so I’ve improvised one with a gallon sized storage bag. Seems to work fine….

It almost keeps the cat out, too.

With any luck, I’ll finish it in time for her birthday and she won’t outgrow it before the next one.

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