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Remember when I said the wedding shawl was trying to kill me?  Now I think it’s saving my life.  M-i-L is having a bit of a health crisis, which requires a lot of time and attention, as Steve and I are 1) closest and 2) don’t have four small children to cart around and 3) have neither full time jobs nor night classes.  It’s exhausting.

I had a second interview last week (for a job I really want), and a first interview (for a job which sounded much worse when discussed with the recruiter than when I applied on the web page).  Wedding planning is progressing, and Abby is doing a really good job of not passing her stress along (trying to make sure venue and officiant are available at the same time should be simple, but it’s not).

Now I’m at a point of the knitting where it’s a relatively straightforward lace pattern. It’s actually fairly relaxing, though I wish I had pointier needles.    I’m trying to make sure I put in a life line once a week no matter how much or how little progress I’ve made.  The plan is to remove the one before the last, so that any time going forward there will be two lines threaded through.


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So I’ve finally gotten to the lace portion of the Belle Greene shawl.  There’s a 12 stitch lace repeat, so I figured I’d put in lifelines after each 12 rows, right?  Apparently not so much.  I knit to row 7, frogged back all the lace, knit to row 9, frogged back to row 5, so this time I put in a lifeline when I knit row 6, and I will continue to do so every six rows throughout the lace section.Belle Greene lifeline

Hopefully that’s enough of the three rows forward, two rows back stuff.

You will notice that I didn’t use a plain thread for the lifeline this time.  I actually used some Filatura di Crosa Night for this.  It’s a really pretty yarn – black and glittery, bunightt it’s very ill behaved when it comes off the ball, and loves nothing more than to tangle.

It’s hair fine.  It falls in a lovely way, despite the very heavily plastic feel, but as soon as it’s ‘free’ it will tangle.

I’ve tried using this yarn on its own before, and I ended up wasting more than I used.  I did use a little bit held together with a strand of worsted weight for the top border and handle of the Welcome to Nightvale bag I made, and that was all right.

But it’s both fine and strong, so that makes it good lifeline material.

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I didn’t win any of the Interweave National Craft Month giveaways, or Susan B. Andersons sock yarn giveaway.

I entered the Mai Tai giveaway at Amy’s Thread (15 March), and a giveaway for a sock pattern and yarn skein from Crafts of Texture (1 April).

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Didn’t win Sunset Cat‘s giveaway, but entered Life on Laffer e’book giveaway (really lovely patterns,  take a look at Craft Work Knit to see for yourself) running until October 10th.

not to the heel yet

On Your Toes by Ann Budd

I’ve signed up for “Soctoberfest”, because my current activities already qualify me.   Haruni is still hibernating in the freezer, and will continue to do so until I’m geared up to tackle it’s life-line less state…  Yeah, did I mention I took OUT the lifeline at the point where pattern A meets Pattern B…?

Such hubris.

I’ve gon ahead and created an account at NaNoWriMo, and am actively researching my setting idea.  Seriously leaning towards Science Fantasy (as in DEFINITE Science Fiction elements in what is very much a Fantasy story).  Don’t want to wear out the charm of it, but did I ever mention that I fell in love with Astronomy by looking at artists conceptions of a red dwarf circling a blue giant?  Pretty pretty mental pictures…  Might Gimp up a cover at some point in October (yeah, in my ‘copious spare time’)

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Got some more pictures taken.

GrassHere’s  some nice grass gone to seed by the Dorsey Train Station.  I think it’s beautiful myself.  I also took pictures from the train station itself, from the front and the back. I particularly like the Maryland flag on the front and the sunlight through the window on the back.

Entered Knit-A-While’s Vampire Knits giveaway (end date 9 September). I didn’t enter the contest at You Just Gotta Keep Knitting, because I just couldn’t beat one of those names, but if you think you might the deadline is 27 September.

Dorsey Station Front Dorsey Station Back

I’ve recovered the five rows I frogged on Haruni, putting it in the freezer did the trick nicely.  I talked a little bit about the recovering/lifeline process in today’s episode of  the Ramblin Ambler, mostly because I’d never heard anyone else addressing the issue I’ve been having with it (i.e. the lifeline is there, but it doesn’t hold the stitches ‘nicely’ as a needle would, even if you tug on it, when you’re working with really grabby yarn like, say, mohair).  Took it to the first Labor Day foodfest an showed off how pretty it is even on the needles (can’t wait to see what it looks like blocked…).  Will take more pictures once I have enough of the border that the change of pattern is clear.

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I Won One!

I won the beautiful yarn “Moody” from the Knitting Pipeline.  Yay!  Now I’ve got to start thinking about what to knit with it.  It’s a gorgeous blue lace weight yarn, so something tardisy…  very likely the “Tilting Tardis” cowl..

Found the next one, fat quarters or handspun yarn from Love My Fiber.

Got started on the Haruni again, and realize that I flubbed the beginning of part B.  I’ve learned my lesson about frogging, though, and it’s been in the freezer for hours.  (Yes, I did use a lifeline… I can, indeed, be taught).

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Earlier I published the calculations of yarn size vs. yardage, and found that when I’d knit half the Claudia’s Handpainted Mohair the yarnball would be 176mm in circumference.  This morning I finally finished with chart A, and found that the yarnball circumference was 180mm.  Pretty good, right? Chart A Complete

There should be enough yarn left over that I don’t have to worry about getting a second skein, but clearly NOT enough to start another pattern repeat.  Yay me!

You can clearly see the knitpicks connector in the photo., and you can just make out the lifeline, which was added while knitting that final row.

This picture looks much oranger than the actual shawl (though there are some orange undertones).  A side effect of playing around with the light levels on the camera.

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new shoes with funky lacesFound my camera, yay!

Before I lost it I took a couple of pictures.  There’s one from the inside of the car while driving my husband to work.  There are a couple I took on a walk.  Then there’s this one, of my new sneakers (because I’d killed my old ones over the course of a few years.    They came with the two pairs of shoelaces, as you see.  Since then, I’ve updated with a different two lace method from Ian’s Shoelace Site, because this is the internet and you can find anything…

Nothing new to report on the Etsy site yet.   Made some progress on Haruni, but I’m going to need a longer lifeline before I can finish part A.

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