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Well, another week has gone by without a post.  Sorry about that.  Things got a little bit rough there culminating in a migraine yesterday.  I “managed” it with a combination of NSAIDS and caffeine (thank you Death Wish coffee!) but I missed out on the Halloween festivities (and posting blog entries) as a result.

I’ll just give a quick rundown of WiPs and FOs, then try to get back on some sort of schedule.  Please forgive me if this post makes less sense than usual, because the aftermath of a migraine feels like having a head stuffed with cotton wool…


Owl Hat

I made the Owl Earflap Hat for my niece, Maggie.  I deliberately picked a project I could get finished fast, because her birthday crept up on me.  I chose a crochet pattern because, although I knit more, it always feels as though crochet goes faster for me. I worked it up in Lion Brand Homespun, which is sort of a ‘guilty pleasure’ yarn for me.  I  It worked beautifully as a ‘one day’ project.  Then, through missed signal did not (and still have not) managed to catch up with her to give it to her.  It’s adorable, but I imagine it will have a lot of ‘grow room’.  Oh, well, she’ll still get a kick out of it.

Still in Progress

Five Sweater selvedgeThe cricket sweater is looking pretty good, even if I haven’t made that much more progress on it.  I’m really happy with my decision to make the slipped stitch selvage.  I know it’s not a big ‘pattern alteration’ by any stretch of the imagination, and at my point in knitting it shouldn’t still feel like a victory every time I try a little change and am pleased with it, but somehow it does.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  The fact that the selvage is actually doing what I want it to, and looks neat and finished, makes me happy.  I take my victories where I can find them.

The other WiPs are all going along pretty well.  The Illustriation shawl is nearing the halfway point,  the Mont Royal socks are crawling along,Nameless Dino Spine Placement

The Nameless Dino hat is moving right along.  I could probably finish it tonight if I pushed.  Like all toddler hats, it’s going to be super adorable, that’s just the way these things go.  I’m taking my time on the spines, and trying out several spine arrangements (with T-pins) as I make it.

The patterns call for making the spines  by casting on 11, reducing to 2 then increasing back to 11.  Instead I used the Turkish cast on with 2 stitches, knit in the round and increased one stitch per needle until I had 11, then cast off as directed.  There’s no reason to have the spines ‘open’, as far as I can tell.

Blog Contests and Yarn Giveaways

I didn’t win the giveaway for Knit, Purl Pray from Lisa Bogart, but I entered her November drawing for a selection of T2 Teas (30 November).  I also entered the Simple Homestead drawing for Wonder Clips (12 November), the Aroha Knits drawing for the Mizhu Shawl pattern and a skein of Frieda Fuchs yarn to make it (12 November) and a Luxury Yarn Package giveaway from Expression Fiber Arts (15 November)

So that’s it for now.  My head is almost back to normal now.  If the migraine goes according to my usual pattern it will be a bit worse in the morning, but then it’ll be gone until the next one hits.  Hope to be posting with a clear head sometime soon.


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Doom BagFO

knotI’m very happy with the way the Dice Bag of Doom! turned out.  I had knit two longer tentacles, and ended up twining them together to form the drawstring.  I gave one a bead to ‘hold on to’ and that gave me a nice cord stopper for when the bag is open – it holds itself closed pretty well, because I have one tentacle coiled around another.  It all works very nicely.

Doom Bag with Eyes


So that leaves me working on the Belle Greene shawl and essentially nothing else (the Stereo Cuffs are still waiting on a wrist measurement for the recipient).  I love that shawl, and I’m almost done with the knitted on beaded border, but honestly I need a brainless project once in a while.  So I started hooking a mobius hat using some stashed Lion Brand Homespun yarn.  Yes, I am a bit of a yarn snob, and I generally prefer natural fibers, but that particular big box acrylic and polyester brand is one of the first yarns I really enjoyed working with, and I still really like it.  I suppose it’s a ‘guilty pleasure’ yarn, but I can’t work up a lot of guilt for that one.  True,  it’s not putting money into a small, locally owned business when I buy it, but the Lion Brand company is family owned and operated, and seems to have a good reputation within the industry.  What guilt I feel about it is centered around the fiber content – this stuff is unfortunately not at all biodegradable, so I do try to limit my buying of it.


Yarn ScaleSo I gave in and picked up a new yarn scale.  Actually I just got an inexpensive kitchen scale from Target.  It’s about the same price as a new ball winder or swift, and it is really useful, both to estimate the remaining yardage in a ball and to divide yarn into equal portions for socks, or to figure out when to start work on the border of a shawl.  Basically, the longer I went without one, the more I felt as though I really needed it.

Besides, I think it’s pretty (and I’m always a sucker for aesthetically pleasing tools and equipment).

Yarny News

You may have noticed that Neil Gaiman is on the cover of Knitty. It’s part of a promo for a new pattern book Geek Knits.  You should check it out.  I’ll be ordering my copy very soon…

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I’ve entered the This Knitted Life giveaway for two skeins of yarn (10 June).

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