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I had the oddest dream earlier this week.

It started off as a quasi lucid dream.  On some level I knew that I was dreaming, and that my husband was in bed with me.  I was doing that flippy/flying thing which I can sometimes do when I realize I’m dreaming.

For some reason, when I recognized what was happening, I decided to hunt.  I was going to stalk and rend, blood would flow…  The decision gave me a gleeful energy.

This choice isn’t typical of my waking self.  I’m a pacifist, and I’m not a hunter. However, within the dream I was totally jazzed by the idea.  I was gecko-walking along walls, scoping out potential victims.  I picked one (as I recall, he was the only other living thing within the dream).  I was going to sneak up on him and telekinetically fling him into a wall, then pounce!

This being a dream, the sneak up part just didn’t happen.  I approached him directly.  He cocked his hoodie clad head and flung me against the wall.

Of course, I woke up.  But it didn’t end there.

I was in bed, curled up with Steve, and I couldn’t move.  I felt a hostile force in the room with me.  Then there was an overwhelmingly loud voice – I mean it was nearly deafening. I couldn’t make out what it was saying, but the tone and timbre were reminiscent of Jerry Lewis’ most obnoxious ‘Hey Lady!’.  Then it quieted down, and was replaced by a more conversational volume babble of many voices.  Then that faded and soon after I could move again.

I must admit, I was totally freaked.  It felt absolutely real, a psychic attack which reached out of the dream and into my brain.  In that instant all skepticism was drowned out by fear.

What broke the spell?  Not a returning sense of reality.  No, it occurred to me that this terrifying incident would be awesome fodder for the NaNoWriMo I’m planning.  I grabbed my phone and hurridly typed away before I could lose any of the sense of wonder and dread.

It wasn’t until hours later that I made the connection with Night Hag Syndrome.  It’s not a typical presentation, but certain aspects (the sense of hyper reality, of being under attack, of being unable to move) definitely fit.

As far as skepticism, yup, it’s still there.  I can easily hold both ‘realities’ in my mind at the same time, and switch from one to another.  I can accept that the phenomenon was completely psychological, created from the sleep/wake interface (because that makes sense) and still appreciate that it came with an overwhelming sense of reality.  It absolutely felt like a hostile entity was striking out at me. (I say hostile, not malevolent, because I was being such a jerk it would be hard to consider myself as a victim.)

Still a skeptic, but it was definitely a frightening and cool experience.


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Job Hunting Sucks

I’m in a state of shock about exactly what happened.  How much was me, and how much was them?  I may never get all the answers, but I really feel that something went seriously wrong, and it wasn’t all on me.

I’ve found some interesting positions and applied.  My old temp agency has offered me some part time gigs I’ve had to turn down; I had said I’d be available Monday, they had something available immediately,  there was an evening and weekend admin job at a tax agency, which sounded tempting, but it would mean that I’d be committed to not taking a full time (i.e. insurance providing) job until April, or I’d be leaving them in the lurch.

There was the barely literate email contact which offered me the possibility of working from home, shipping and receiving packages.  That one kind of creeped me out, and I’ve passed it along to the FTC to let sort it out.

There are also three separate sales openings.  Nothing, and I mean nothing in my resume says sales.  I have no interest.  I’ve worked with sales people, I know that some people really love it, and if you don’t need to sell you’ll probably hate it.

I don’t need to sell.  I have no intention of taking an outside sales position.

I did apply to an entry level recruiter position, and as far as I can tell that’s the resume which has generated the interest.   I’ve already gone through one video interview, and have a face to face interview with another company lined up for tomorrow.  I expect to have no interest in the position, but interviewing itself is valuable practice.   I’ll stop by and visit my mother and sister afterwards, because I don’t see them often enough.  That should make up for what I expect to be a completely wasted half hour drive.

Who knows, it might surprise me.

I’ve been using the rest of my expanded free time to catch up on housework, and I’m planning on doing NaNoWriMo again this fall.

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Yup, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted.  My attention has been diverted by other things (like the job hunt, my daughter graduating from college, and preparations for a soon to be niece or nephew).

It feels as though I’ve been juggling like crazy, trying desperately to keep dozens of little life-balls in the air.  Yesterday I came to the realization, not only have I been doing it for a couple of weeks, I’ve also picked up one or two previously dropped balls, wiped them off, and thrown them into the mix. For one thing, I’m starting research on a possible NaNoWriMo novel for this year.  We’ll see how that goes.

So, yeah.  Busy.  Productive even.  I’m torn between wanting to congratulate myself and being afraid that everything is going to come crashing down all at once.  Fingers crossed, I’ll add more regular posting here into the mix.

Wish me luck.

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Nono NaNo

Just my ‘official’ announcement that I’m taking a break from NaNoWriMo this year.  I’ve always loved it in the past, I expect that I will love it again in the future, but I’m just not up for it this time around.

Have fun without me.

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My Newest Obsession

As I said in my previous post about the Sheep and Wool Festival,  I adore my new Nostepinne.


I find it absolutely beautiful (though not the most beautiful one the Baltimore Area Woodturners booth sold), I went for the ‘pretty’ ones first (honestly, the clean curves needed make all of them really lovely).  Dark wood always attracts me (I adore cocobola), so I went for the cedar first.  I enjoyed the demo (where we learned how to wind a center pull ball) but the tool was a little bit awkward in my hand.  I picked up another, and another, until I finally found one which felt right in my hand…ImageHonestly, I just didn’t want to put this baby down, the handle is just shaped so perfectly.  It also has grooves spaced exactly an inch apart, so it doubles as a (really big) WPI (wraps per inch) tool.

I’ve tried to find out what I could about the history of it.  Although I’ve found some assertions that it is a ‘centuries old’ device, most of that seems to be cool little bits of folklore and such.  Even Sven the Merchant, who makes cool recreations of textile supplies for a living can’t seem to get a solid date on these.  I can’t seem to get anything solid before mid 19th century, but that seems awfully late…  On the other hand, they’re so simple in function, almost any smooth stick would work, so many of them could have doubled in function as distaffs or spindles easily enough…

Current WIP

ImageDespite the above, I haven’t been obsessively measuring and balling my Sheep and Wool acquisitions.  Instead, I’ve cast on the Begonia Swirl shawl with the Carina dyed yarn from Bohemia Fibers.  So far I’m really loving it, but there’s  voice in the back of my head which warns that this yarn might be too noisy for this pattern.  Will go a bit further and then take some more pictures and see.

Even if it works, I might want to switch to a solid lace weight for the border.  Or not.  The Ravelry Project Gallery for the Swirl has a number of variegated yarns, and they seem to work surprisingly well with the pattern.  Still, I know I have a tendency to go overboard with these things…  We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.


Blog Contests and Yarn Giveaways

I haven’t heard anything about the giveaways from the Musk Ox blog, and I didn’t win the April yarn box giveaway.

I did join the Sweater Babe pinterest giveaway.  (May 25).  Yes, this means I’ve started playing with Pinterest.  I was curious to see what Collen did with the Yellow Hen Pinterest board, then the younger child showed me what she’s done with hers…  So far I’m using it mostly as a tool to collect bookmarks for my next NaNo project (yes, even though I never even started to edit the last one… I know, I know…) and as a temporary holding place for links for the blog or Facebook.  It’s potentially a deadly time sink, but we’ll see how it goes.

Another Expression Fiber Arts giveaway, this one for $100 gift certificate. (May 18th)




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Since I’m on a posting jag, and I have some yarn giveaways to follow up on (and new ones to link to) I think it’s time to get all my readers caught up on my current project list.

What I’m Doing Now

Yarn Work


Yes, it was used in the wedding.  Yes, it was beautiful.  No it’s not ‘properly finished’.  Yes, this is another example of me being lame…

As you can see, it was light enough to be caught by the wind, which was a good thing.  Now I just need to finish putting the little flower motifs between all the bigger ones.  Not difficult, but it’s large enough to be unwieldy and unportable.

Hopefully I can give it to them on their first anniversary!

Hermit Crab Amigurumi

My friend Colleen has hermit crabs.  Last fall, when she went on vacation, she asked DD#2 to crab sit.  She gave us all the instructions, and an isolation tank to use if one of the three was unwell or being bullied.

We ended up using it when “Wonton” began to bury himself.  Poor DD kept digging him up, and was eventually convinced that he was dead, but kept misting him daily because she didn’t want to admit defeat.  When Colleen came back she was impressed that DD had nursed him (successfully) through a molt!  I am making her this little guy,

It’s the Hermit Crab from Hansi Singh’s Amigurumi Knits (it’s a Goodreads link, you can use the Amazon link from within Ravelry and give them the referrer’s cut…)

Unfortunately, the tight gauge makes my hands hurt, and it’s definitely not driving knitting anyway, so I’ve got a third project.

Les Miserables Shawl

I’m using the  Old Maiden Aunt “Moody” laceweight yarn I won in a giveaway from Knitting Pipeline back in 2010, and I’m knitting Les Miserables (by Cynthia Parker, published in Handheld Knitting).

Useful Resource

I’ve found that the amigurumi knitting is both physically and mentally intensive, so that I can’t do it for too long at a go without my hands complaining.  So far I’ve just switched to the less intense shawl project, but thanks to a post I found at Knitfreedom, now I have 5 Stretches to Relieve Knitting Pain.  Of course, I first read this as “5 Stitches to Relieve Knitting Pain”, which was even more exciting, but I’m still happy to have found it.

Other Projects

March is National Novel Editing Month (NaNoEdMo).  Since I finished NaNoWriMo last year I’ve signed up for it.  Here’s hoping that in April I’ll have a draft I feel confident in showing to others…

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I didn’t win the Retrobaby giveaway, or the Twist & Twine giveaway, but Earthmama 101 has a giveaway which will be of interest to parents of young children.  Natalie Servant Designs is giving away a wonderful skein of yarn hand dyed by Indigodragonfly, but I’m not sure I can write a limerick for yarn, so I’m holding off on this one (I’ve tweeted about it though, that’s worth something, right?).  Also followed up on the Knitfreedom handspun giveaway and free pattern. I entered the Red Heart Yarn of the Month giveaway as well (after checking out projects made with it on Ravelry)  If I actually had any Malabrigo I’d join Mr. Yarn’s Malabrigo March giveaways – but you have to have some to win some.  😦

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Yup, I did it…

I’m doing NaNoWriMo (I can back out anytime before November 1, right?)  VERY excited about this setting. Have an idea for the plot and a glimmer of characters, and a month to go.   (Now I need to Gimp up some cover art…).

Beautiful pattern giveaway at Knitting with Sandra Singh (drawing on October 16th, multiple ways to enter).

Haruni still freeze/frogging.  Socks still growing slowly.  Talked to my mother on the phone an she discouraged me from buying more yarn to knit a baby blanket with.  *sigh*  She’s right, I’ve got good stuff in my stash…  I think.

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