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Lots of Knitting!


I finished the test knit of Michelle Stead’s Walderton.


It’s a beautiful project.  I think it would have worked better with another yarn, the Neigborhood Fiber Company hand dyes are glorious, but they’re also heavily variegated, and the cabling gets lost in all the color noise, even if the texture of the main body is picked up beautifully.

The yarn is beautiful, but I was disappointed with the Rustic yarn.  It seems to have been cut (sometimes partially, others fully) into lots of segments.  My sister and friends have bought from Neighborhood Fiber Co and haven’t had any trouble at all.  Yes, I could have returned the skein, but it was a limited edition colorway*  which I had picked up over a year ago.  I didn’t discover the issue until I wound the ball, and so I decided to make do.

I probably should have stopped the project at 36 pattern repeats, which is what the pattern calls for.  At that length it hangs down in front, with the thin and thick ends layered to make a nice piece with the teeth on both sides.  As Michelle said she was curious to see it longer I kept going.  It’s a more conventional shawlette at this point, still very pretty, but not as neat.

I recommend the pattern when it comes out.

The final frustration with this project is that I seem to have mislaid my blocking wires!  I ended up just pinning it out.  I would have liked to run wires through the edges, then really pin the points out hard.  I will probably re-block this in the future when I find my kit.  In the mean time, I do like the way it turned out.


I’ve had Aidez by Cirila Rose in my Ravelry queue for a long time.  I bought the yarn for it (Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool) almost a year ago.

Yarn Choice


It has a delicious odor, which much be what a freshly washed sheep smells like.

I don’t know why I got it in a tweedy colorway.  Especially after my experience with Walderton I’m concerned, but it’s lighter in color and I’m pleased with the visibility of the garter stitch in my swatch.


New Tools/Toys


As you can see from the above picture, I decided to leave the ends unfinished and weave them in after blocking.  I also decided to try a new tool to work them in with.  I picked up a pack of Susan Bates finishing needles.

It’s a nice design.  The super giant ‘eye’ means you don’t have to try to turn the needle when you’re weaving super short ends (like if you find you’ve inadvertently played yarn chicken while doing a long tail cast on).   I usually end up re-threading the needle after each pass in those cases, but this makes that unnecessary.

They come in a pack of five, to suit yarn from bulky (pictured) down to lace weight.  My only criticism is the material.  I would have preferred recyclable plastic.

I’ve also ordered an “experimental tool” from lesliewind on Etsy.   This is a fingering weight combination cable tool and Portuguese (Egyptian) knitting hook.  I’ve been curious about the front-yarn method for a while, and she makes absolutely beautiful stuff.  Besides, I’m always interested in beta-testing (even if I am a curmudgeon at times).

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I didn’t win the Kate Spade giveaway.  No new giveaways entered.

file_medium2*The Windchester-Sandtowne colorway was introduced for a limited time in 2015, proceeds went to help rebuild neighborhoods damaged in the Baltimore Riot (insurrection), which took place in early May (right around the time of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival). Another reason I decided not cause a fuss, even if I was annoyed enough to post about it here – it’s a good gesture, and a good company – I know these things happen, I’m just going to whine a bit.  (back) 


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Working on It

I’ve still got two older WiPs going, (the Helical Hat and the Mount Gay socks) but I’m going to show you the other two today.

Spinning Project

I’m still working on the Millers Fire spinning project.  I happen to have a series of progress pics on it, taken and even intervals over August.  It isn’t my fastest spin, but I’m getting better at getting the single even.

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The spindle is a mini Destiny from the wonderful Snyder’s Spindles.

Knitting Project – Test knit


Most of my crafting time has been going to a test knit for Michelle Stead (of Michelle’s Assortment).  I’m not sure how much I should show, since the shawl project hasn’t been published yet, but here’s a teaser –

This is an incredibly fun pattern to work on.  I set up a spread sheet to figure out how to pace myself (FO pics are due on September 28).  I started on August 29 and I’m about four days ahead of schedule.

I’m using that gorgeous skein of Neighberhood Fiber Company yarn (proceeds to help rebuild Baltimore after last summer’s insurrection).  I have to say that, although it is beautiful and feels yummy in the hands, I don’t love it as much as I thought I would.  The yarn is more of a variegated than a tonal, and there are random cuts throughout the skein.  I’m using a doubleknot to join them, but not 100% thrilled with how that’s going.

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I didn’t win the Smithsonian tote of cool things.  I entered a drawing for a skein of Manos del Uruguay Marina from Petals to Picots (8 September).

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Catching Up

It’s been a full week since I’ve posted.   I think I just needed the time to recover from the Blog Week posts.

I received the Neighborhood Fiber Co yarn I posted about, and for which I broke my ‘yarn diet’ after a really short time.   It is amazingly beautiful, and totally worth it.

Neighborhood Rustic Fingering SandtownI also picked up some more of the KA mini crochet hooks and a Clover yarn snipper for the notions bag.  I’ve also made some slightly larger stitch markers, so that’s it for the general bag building.  I’m sure I’ll be getting more as needed for particular projects

I’ve really appreciated the Blog Week comments.  I did read the survey results, but didn’t really conclude anything from them – I guess the tool is only as good as the user…  The point is, you’ve all said some very nice things, and I think I must have gotten a bit cocky, because I messed up the socks a bit.

The Sock Story

I had been knitting from two balls of the blue.  When it came time to add the white I used a single ball (the leftover white from the Vexing Socks), and I knit from both the center and the outer edge of the ball.  It worked well enough.

TARDIS windowsI did end up switching to a larger needle in the middle of the windows, because, well, my calves do thicken up substantially.  I don’t think it’s an aesthetic issue, and it will definitely help the fit.

Then, when I got to the black and white portion, I decided that trying to knit from both ends of two balls of yarn would be too much to keep track of.  So I tried cutting a shorter piece of each color, and using one ball and one single strand for each sock.  That, too, was too much to keep track of.

stuck socksIf you look closely you can see that I used the same piece of black yarn to knit both socks. Nope, not the plan.  So I tinked one sock back, and went to my notions store to find a better solution than yarn butterflies (which I can never tie well, they become a confused jumble – hence the confused socks…)

I ended up finding a couple of funny old yarn bobbins.  I think I’ve figured out how this style is supposed to work.

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Hopefully it’ll all be more straightforward from here on out.

Blog Contests and Giveaways

Another Plutonium Muffins giveaway – this one is for really cute stitch markers (31 May).

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