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Had the third chiropractic visit today, out of a 16 visit biweekly schedule.  Definitely a change in my back/neck discomfort, which might mean that it’s working.  It’s certainly expected.   I may have mentioned before that I’m skeptical, but I got a good deal.  I know I mentioned that I fell last week while walking home, and I’ve been limping a bit.  I didn’t mention it to him, but he noticed something about my hips, and changed the procedure slightly.  I take this as a data point indicating that there’s some relationship between the treatment and the state of my body, and probably a good thing, but still skeptical.

There might have been some slight improvement due to it.   Honestly, if the issue at hand is just discomfort, I don’t mind taking a placebo.   Especially considering that my conventional medical professional showed literally no interest.  If there is an underlying cause which puts me at risk, well, I mentioned it to my MD and it didn’t get sussed out.

In any case, I took the bus home this time.  We’ll see what Wednesday looks like.

A to Z

I joined the Blogging from A to Z Challenge (link in the ‘Flare’ section of the sidebar).  The idea is to write short posts (almost) every day in April, in alphabetical order, and to check out other blogs participating in the challenge.  I’m entrant number 1184.   Every one of you is invited to join in the fun.

Knitting Issues

The Belle Greene shawl is progressing, beforeslowly but surely.  However, the beaded, knitted on edging is titchy and takes concentration.  The project is no longer portable or sociable.  So I decided it was time to cast on the TARDIS socks.  I went to my sock needle gauge and realized that I didn’t seem to have any 2.75 mm needles.  What I had was, well, a mess.

The cables were snarled together.  I couldn’t be sure what I’d already checked and what I hadn’t, and I had no idea how many of each needle size I had.


I once splurged on a Della Q Della Qneedle case for my larger sized fixed circs.  It’s a gorgeous system, with a labeled pouch for each needle size.

Unfortunately, even if such a needle case weren’t pricey, if Della Q makes one for sock needles my LYS doesn’t carry it.  So I had a problem, a model for a solution, and time to think.

I’ve seen three ring binders loaded with plastic ziploc pockets, and that works fine, but I like my needle case, and I haven’t come across one which pleases me aesthetically.

As it happens, since I schlepped to the bus stop rather than walking home through the pedestrian path I went past a chain craft store.  While I was there I picked up some little grommeted labels.labelslabeled  I went through my needles with the gauge, sorted them into diameter.

I wrapped each group of needles in a twist-tie and labeled each tie.

I typically knit socks two at a time on two circulars, so in theory I should have two of each sock needle size.  In point of fact I have one each of the smallest sizes, and three each for some of the larger ones.  I think this is fine.  If I need to knit socks on 000s I can always magic loop, and I have been known to use sock needles for provisional cast ons.  I think I can work with this.

Of course, the finished product doesn’t look that much neater in the case than it did before, but there’s a lot of hidden chaos which has been banished.

Blog Contests and Giveaways

No winner posted yet for the Sweet Paprika drawing. I entered the giveaway for handmade beads at Silverniknaks (31 March)


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As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I got a series of wonderful handmade project bags for my birthday, and immediately began to organize my knitting queue.  Now I’m on to the next step of the process, putting together a complete notions case for each project bag.

KnitNackboxI already had this wonderful little box from Nancy’s Knit Knacks.    These seem to have become quite popular in the last year or so, I’ve seen them in a lot of LYSs I’ve been to.  They’re great at both storing a lot of things and organizing them all.  I even picked one up for my DH to store electrical bits and bobs in.  So that’s the first bag basically done.


The lobster claw was my addition – it works great as a zipper pull on one of the project bags.

I love my notions box, but that didn’t stop me from  looking for other options.  I also realized that I needed a sock needle gauge.

I found this adorable one from Debra’s Garden,  as well as this tiny knit repair tool (read mini crochet hook) at Paradise Fibers. I’d never ordered from them before, but they take PayPal, and the order process was reasonably smooth.  They also offer a ‘Deal of the Day’ and have a mailing list which provides periodic coupon codes.  This site is dangerous!

I also ordered some Lantern Moon nesting notions bags from an eBay seller.  They were projected to arrive in the mail today, but the Post Office web site says that shipment is delayed.  Hopefully I’ll be posting about them soon.


I finished thefantasy dishcloth dishcloth I mentioned in the last post.

It’s kind of silly, really, how much fun dishcloths can be.  I could have gotten several dozen dishcloths for what I spent on the yarn for this one.

Of course, I have enough yarn leftover to make a bunch more dishcloths or, more likely, several really nice market bags.  As much as I like working in wool, there are definitely some things which call for cotton, and cleaning cloths and stretchy bags are two of them.

Belle Greene

Belle Greene BeadsAs I mentioned before, I decided to go for highly contrasting beads for the shawl.  I also opted for unlined and transparent.  Which meant that the local craft store didn’t have them in stock.  I found some really nice ones at an online bead store, but they had a $25 minimum order, and I just couldn’t justify that kind of expenditure, especially as I don’t bead that much.

So I found some very similar ones on Amazon.  They are Czech glass from Preciosa in 6/0.  This means that you can expect 6 beads strung per inch.  Depending on the brand that might be closer to 3 or 4 mm, and the size of the holes is not necessarily consistent.  It makes sense to order extra beads, because there will be some breakage and/or (if you’re like me) some beads will scatter across the floor when you unstring them.  I got 900 beads, and the pattern calls for 287, so that’s covered.

As I said before, I don’t bead that often, but I do occasionally, and I have a nice craft caddy which is reserved for beads, and they will get used eventually.

Belle Greene Border WIPThe knitted on border is slow going, but it’s going to be gorgeous!  Then all I’ll have to do is get my hands on some blocking wire, and figure out how to use it…

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I haven’t heard back from any of the previous giveaways yet, but I entered a drawing for a beautiful Nelsonwood Crochet Hook from Underground Crafter (24 March).

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I had a wonderful birthday celebration with the family this week.  I got all kinds of loveliness, but I’m just going to talk about the gorgeous project bags my sister made for me.


As you can certainly understand, this led to some organization of my queue.  The tentative makeup is:

With this much organization, I might start working multiple WIPS again!

Missed Projects


I did finally knit a Haruni, though not in mohair this time.  It was a Christmas gift for the same sister who made me the project bags.  It went so very much smoother (pun acknowledged) in Cascade 220 fingering.  I’m happy with the way it turned out, and very happy to have finally ‘done it right’.  It’s a lovely pattern, and I may very well go back and make one for me some time.

I didn’t enter any yarn giveaways this week, giving the stash time to settle a bit, and there are still some open from previous weeks.

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