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Talented Friends

This coming weekend two of my friends are opening in two different plays in Baltimore.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned here before that years ago I was occasionally active in community theater, in several roles.  I’ve been stage-mom several times.  I’ve worked as stage manager (well, technically), lightboards, stage mom, santa-stripper, you name it.  I’ve made connections in  the OutOftheBlackBox Theatre and the Rude Mechanicals.  As it happens, I didn’t meet either of these particular friends through my own community theater connections, I guess it’s more or less a ‘small world’ sort of thing.

One of them is playing Motormouth Mabellle in the Purple Light Theatre Company’s production of Hairspray (note to self – go back and update that link when it’s no longer the ‘current production’).  The other is playing Falstaff in the Baltimore Shakespears Factory’s all female production of Henry IV, Part One.  I’m very excited for both of them, and can’t wait to watch them perform.

Now, I’ve seen Hairspray before, both the original film and the movie musical version.  I have to admit, though, that I’ve never actually seen Henry IV.  So I did what any supportive friend would do:

I tracked down the Chop Bard episodes dedicated to the play.

Podcast Love

Of course, then I realize that it’s been a long time since I’ve given some link love to podcasts I listen to.  So here are some quality podcasts, which are independently produced and still small enough that they might actually be helped by a little old fashioned name checking…

Chop Bard: Reminding us again and again that Shakespeare is not literature.  They’re plays, and they’re fun, not scary.  I found it through Craftlit.

Craftlit: Heather does deal with actual literature, and it’s also fun, not scary.  Also crafts.  I don’t remember how I actually came across this one, but I’ve been listening to her (and occasionally corresponding) for so long that I feel as though I actually know her.

Escape Artists Podcasts:  I started listening to Escape Pod waaaay back.  I mean before iTunes was a thing way back.  Great science fiction stories for fans, a pro-paying market for writers.  Now it’s been joined by Pseudopod and Podcastle, which do the same  things for horror and fantasy literature respectively.

The Happiness Patrol: Doctor Who fancast.  Often rude, crude and socially unacceptable.  Always fun.

My History Can Beat Up Your Politics:  We don’t have to be doomed to repeat it…

Knitting Pipeline: Knitting, nature, bagpipes, who could ask for anything more?

Prometheus Radio Theatre: Steve Wilson went to high school with my husband, so I’ve heard some interesting back story about the Traveller campaign where some of the Arbiters characters came from initially.  They’d be more than worth listening to even if I had not, though.

So how about you?  Any particular, non professionally backed, podcasts which could benefit from a little bit of shout-out love?  Any podcasts (or obscure procasts) you think I might enjoy?  I’d appreciate hearing about them, so please do comment.


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2 gingersI’m really pleased with how this picture came out.  First of all, I think I’ve got the color right this time (yes, her hair is really that red).  I managed to capture the personalities of all three of them.  I’m even happy with my own reflection (well, half reflection) in the glass door.  The only thing I could do without is the reflection of the white car.

It’s too early to have results from the previous blog giveaways and contests I entered, but I did find another pattern and yarn giveaway at Knitting Pipeline (one of the many podcasts I’m catching up with).  Once I’m up to date on all of the ones I’m following I’ll subscribe to another book or two on Podiobooks, because it’s nice to have a guaranteed podcast download every day.  I’m still waiting for the sequel to The Crown Conspiracy.  I’ll have to be patient, though, the author hasn’t even updated his website since October (hope everything is OK there…)

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As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I got a new mp3 player for my birthday.  I’ve been listening to the backlog of podcasts I’d built up (and there are a lot of them).  Yesterday I got to episode 193 of Craftlit, in which Heather Ordover talks about the Tucson shooting (her son played little league with the 9 year old girl who was shot).  Very touching, very upsetting stuff.  I found it even more troubling, because my elder daughter touched base with her seasonal after school job this week, and learned that a co-worker died last week.   It’s a small family business, and a very personal loss for everyone involved.

This is Comet

Here's the cat I had to save the knitting from

Still, this is my craft blog, and I’m not going to more than touch on the sad stuff.  So here is something from playing with the other birthday gift I mentioned, my camera.  You can see the tea cozy sticking in the foreground, and a bit of the teapot it is being made to fit.  It seems to pick up and brighten colors, and I haven’t found any way to filter that.  I think it’s time to break out the manual.


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I’m considering joining NaNoWriMo (because November is just around the corner). Then again, right now I should be editing the Ramblin Ambler. And I have a headache…

So much creative thought, so little energy and organizational skills. Nuts, right?

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Well, there was a *lot* of rambling which hasn’t made it into the last two weeks worth of podcasting, and some of that actually involved pictures.   Not that they weren’t good rambles, or good pictures, but I wanted to get something resembling a coherent ‘cast, so a lot of bits and pieces which didn’t fit in just ended up ‘on the cutting room floor’ (read: bit-bucket).  Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to actually empty that trash, so pictures have been uploaded to Flickr, and will now be shared with you.

Leaf Warrior

She's totally awesome

Didn’t get her name, but this public servant was a little bit concerned when I asked to take her picture.   Her concern evaporated when I told her I wanted to blog about her.  As you can see, she does a terrific job of keeping the woods paths clear, despite repeated nightly drinking binges (and broken bottles) and poison ivy infestations.  I was so happy to meet her.

the other squirrel

Not the squirrel who dissed me...

This isn’t the squirrel I mentioned in Crafting, Critters and Cthulhu.  I took this picture the week before, very near the spot where I saw the Leaf Warrior.  Yes, I used Zoom.  Think this turned out pretty well.

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Yeah, not posting here much.  The Ramblin Ambler is turning out to be a big time suck, (though I do include crafting in just about every episode, so it’s relevant). and I’m still moving cautiously on the haruni.  Maybe I should grab Calla for those brain hurts too much to knit lace moments…

No win on the last couple of blog giveaways, but there’s an awesome one (and a new knitting podcast) at Knitting Pipeline, and one at Photo Knit Dog.

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Stalling out

Haruni is progressing, but v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, so no progress to report there. 😦

No victory on either the Evolving Sock Knitter or Paddy Pants giveaways, but Vegan Craftastic is offering vegan ‘ice cream’ giveaway (no, really, this sounds yummy, you should go look) and Knot Cha Cha has a series of four awesome offerings. (Just don’t ask for the handspun, that’s mine) Way cool!

Ramblin Ambler is now up to two posts, so, yay for that!  I might be picking up a little speed.

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