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The Pattern Posting Lessons

It’s been almost a week since I posted the Vexing Socks pattern.  More than 500 people took advantage of the coupon code, and three missed it.  People visited the blog to get the coupon code, and many of them took a look around the blog.  I don’t know how many ‘followed’, but there wasn’t a noticeable uptick in comments.   I had one individual ask if I would knit the socks for him.  (The answer to that was no).  Two of my test knitters linked their FOs to the pattern in the Ravelry database, and it’s in 9 queues with 96 favorites.  Not bad.

If I do publish any more patterns I think I will do the coupon code thing again, but just for three days (since the vast majority of the activity on the pattern took place over the first three days).  I think, on the whole, it went well.

In Other Knitting

I finally succeeded in using the crochet cast on for Kris Hanson’s Dino Cap. I’m having a lot of fun with this project.  The toddler’s parents are big fans of the Washington NFL team, so the cap is in burgundy and gold.  I’ve called my Ravelry project “The Dino Who Shall Not Be Named” in honor of the current controversy.  I cast on in gold, but switched to burgundy in the middle of the first earflap (just after the decreases).  Since the short rows in the flaps are done without yarn overs or other methods of smoothing there is a built in picot edge, and it makes a nice transition point.  I switched back to gold and did the same process for the second flap.   Knit to the same depth in burgundy as I had in gold, and attached the working edge to the cast on edge with a three needle technique.  I’m rather pleased with the results.

Nameless Dino Hem

Space and Organization

Five Explosion

That cool snail thing you’re seeing is a Debra’s Garden needle gauge. The blue blob is a yarn bra – which is pretty helpful when you’re working with cotton in particular.

I’m making good progress on the cricket sweater as well.  I’ve worked through the underarm decreases on the back, and I’m

enjoying it very much.  I’ve already switched that project into the new project bag. It did still fit into the previous bag, but the Illustriation shawl was cramped in the next smaller bag, so I did a bit of shuffling around.

I also had to admit that the Altoids box was no longer working as a notions tin.  I had blown the hinges on one, and replaced it with a new Altoids tin, but even handling it gently I had trouble getting it closed consistently.

So I replaced that with a Lantern Moon knit aid case.  I already mentioned that I had ordered up a Namaste Better Buddy to have one notions case per project bag, and that came in as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My sets obsession has driven me to order yet another Debra’s Garden gauge so that every Project Bag which is actively in use can have one clipped to it.  I know it’s pretty silly, but that’s what I’m doing with it.

I could go off and talk about the pen and notebook thing, but I’ll save that for another time.

Blog Contests and Yarn Giveaways

I didn’t win the Thick and Finn, Swan’s Island or Kangarth knits giveaways.  I entered a giveaway from Hands Occupied for a skein of Silverspun yarn (30 October).


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At least, one eBay vendor thinks I am.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been indulging in a bit of online retail therapy lately.  One of the (too many) things I’ve ordered was a set of yarn snips which was (according to the listing*) probably small enough to fit in the largest of my Lantern Moon notions pouches. I got an email with a tracking number so I started tracking the package.  The snips cost about $4, by the way, including shipping, so obviously this must be a high stakes issue, right? (Or maybe I just have too much time on my hands and am a total information junkie.)

I got some odd text messages about it:

TextsThere was more detailed information including time stamps on the USPS tracking web page which I found puzzling.  (Did I mention that I must have too much time on my hands?)  Yesterday, when my poor overworked mail carrier dropped off the yarn from Cast-Off chemo (which is totally yummy, by the way):

Merino RibbonI asked him about the other package. Tracking said it had been out for delivery several times, but neither he nor I had seen it.  He agreed it was strange, and suggested I call the post office.  So I phoned the office at 21044  The postal worker hummed while she was logging into the system (I told her she was giving me personalized hold music) and then got very confused, and went to speak to her supervisor (the system didn’t give me any hold music at all, just periodic buzzing…) and then came back and explained what the issue was.

She said the package was addressed to USA, 21045, and nothing else.

I gave her my name and address again.  We’ll see if it actually gets here Monday or not…

* At the time of this post that listing has been updated with a length half an inch longer than the previous one, so probably not).

Commitment Check

The Ravelry Shop will have been up for a full week tomorrow.  The fish pattern had four downloads on the first day (including my own ‘trial’ download) and two since.

Now to publish the Vexing socks, edited to acknowledge the testers, and give it a promo code, which I will publish here.  I will have that done by Sunday, 25 October.

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Proof of Concept

Commitment Kept

I have my Ravelry Store up and running.  I’ve transferred the free pattern from my soon-to-be-defunct personal web page to a PDF document, and it’s available for download.  If you’re curious (or like Dr Seuss inspired fish) please download it (linked from pattern title) and let me know what you think.

codNora’s Fish

My brother-in-law is a lobbyist for the cod fishing industry, so when my niece Nora was born I wanted to give her a stuffed cod.  That sounds pretty weird, but the whole family has an off-beat sense of humor, and cod do definitely have a Dr. Seuss fishy cuteness about them. (Photo below is the fish I gave her, to the right is a cod from the Kunkel Aquatic site).

NorasFishI found a bunch of cod related limericks online, and wrote one more, and put together a nice little gift package.

I have no idea how well the fish lasted through the years, but the pattern is still available through the link above, and the limericks are posted below. (Yeah, there’s a theme, but what do you expect from limericks?)

I hope you enjoy it.

On this Christmas, dear Nora, my wish
Was to give you a handmade yarn fish
But no pattern for cod,
Pollock, haddock or scrod
Could I find to crochet, oh, posh – pish

A fortunate fish is the cod
Who owes it mostly to God
And a little good luck
That he isn’t stuck
All his life with a name like the scrod.

Our capital city is Austin
It’s nice, but it just isn’t Boston.
Here you can get cod.
There you can get scrod.
So you will probably go there more often.

A Russian gent touring abroad,
Nabbed inside Madame B.’s on Cape Cod,
Told the cops, “For Pete sake
I get here by mistake:
I tell taxi I want to get scrod!”

Future Plans

I’m going to keep an eye on the Ravelry store for about a week before uploading the Vexing socks, just to have time to work any weirdness out (on my end, Ravelry has been doing it’s part for years).

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Just a few days after talking about not wanting to overshare, I’m back, hopefully not quite oversharing.  There are some changes coming in my life, small changes which might possibly be the start of something big.  I don’t want to give out too many details because I might jinx it… it might not be the start of anything at all.  If it is the start of something, it could, very likely would force me to rethink the way I blog, to redefine (or possibly really define for the first time) what I’m blogging for.

Something happened this week.  Something small, but exciting.  It really shook me up in a not-entirely-bad way, and brought me face to face with some deep seated fears and insecurities which I hadn’t had to deal with in a long time.  I’m not going to say much more about it, except that I did not back down.

I did not back down.

Peace Corps News

In addition to the not-talking-about-it stuff I got a call last night, from Abby, around 7PM my time (11PM hers).  Actually it was a ring-and-hangup, which is the signal that I am to call her. She’s living with a new ‘host family’ in Senegal, the food is unfamiliar, they’ve changed her anti-malarial meds and she was feeling really, really bad.  I knew I was going to get that call sooner or later, but I guess I was hoping for later.  I think I handled it pretty well, and she was able to go back to bed.  (Yes, she’s in bed before 11 these days, they work the volunteers pretty hard…)  I’ve gotten two pictures of her departure from the States and arrival in Senegal, but nothing of where she’s living now.  I just keep telling myself she’s doing fine, and I think I almost believe it.

Enough of That “Real Life” Stuff, How About Yarn?

I need to follow through and set up my Ravelry store.  Once I do that, I’ll publish the Vexing Socks pattern and put a (limited time) coupon code here on the blog.  I’ve been dragging my feet long enough, so consider this my public commitment to get the shop up within a week.  I’ll test it out with a free pattern, then post the socks.

Huh.  Should I change my Ravelry name to match my blog?  Or do Ravelry stores have to match the user name?  Need to find out…

Blog Contests and Giveaways

I didn’t win the Mooglyblog Yarn Happy giveaway.  I joined their Cast Off Chemo giveaway (13 October), the $200 worth of yarn from Swans Island giveaway (drawing date  unknown) and a drawing for 2 skeins of Evonwee yarn (3 November) and a skein of Willow Daily DK yarn from Kangarth Knits (20 October).

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