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Yup, another several month period with no posts. I’m sorry. No, there hasn’t been any major upheaval or tragedy keeping me from posting, just a combination of business and poor organization.  It started with a long term temp assignment which meant less free time.  Then there were several business ventures which have required a (simultaneous) investment of time.

That temp assignment is done, but the next long term one will be starting in a few days.  The hours of this one are a bit different, and I think they’ll be easier to post around (though other commitments might suffer).

So, the business stuff.

  1.  I’ve started a new Etsy shop in collaboration with a couple of friends.  I’m pretty happyCat.A.List Crafts
    with the way this is going so far (though we don’t yet have a formal written agreement in place).  The shop is Cat.A.List Crafts. I have three partners, and a lot of support. We’ve got a bit less than two dozen items listed, and a shop-blog with a weekly posting schedule. That one will focus on crafts, cats and fandom (so, yes, it might be ‘stealing’ some posts which would otherwise be here).   So far I’ve written the majority of the blog posts, and done the shop maintenance.  One of my partners has done the majority of the manufacturing, as well as the graphic design.  Another has taken over the finances.  The final partner has had some technical issues, but his creations are going to be gorgeous.
  2. Atomic TriviaSteve has started his own Pub Trivia business,  Atomic Trivia.  I’ve been helping with the social media presence and community calendars and doing a little research for spiffs.  No, this hasn’t been nearly as much of a time commitment on my part, but it is still a regular one.
  3.  Steve also has a computer start-up,  Atlantic-Computing Services.   I’ve done a lot of work on this one.  Web page design and SEO, database implementation.Atlantic Computing Services  Coming up with an accounting and billing solution (we’re not going to invest in actual accounting software until we have enough customers to justify it).  The programming on this one has been a bit of a stretch.  It’s convinced me to consider getting certifications in HTML and CSS, as well as to start learning JavaScript.
  4. We’re working on bringing back the Secret Frequency podcast.  It’s been YEARS since we’ve done this and, searching the archive here, about the only time I’ve mentioned it in the blog has been when I’ve discussed the Secret Frequency scarf.

In addition, Abby comes home from Senegal next week!  I’ve knit a sweater to bring to the airport (along with a heave jacket).  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am at the homecoming.



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Short update, wishing all in the US a happy 4th of July, and Peace on Earth to everyone, wherever they might be!

Also, a belated post here (posted on Ravelry last week) about the $10 movie yarn swap I was in in June.  Nicolle really went overboard.   I got a box!  And Stuff!

…actually, it’s not just loot, it’s a movie name game of loot, and KnitPicks sock yarn, which is terriffic, and I’m trying to decide what it will become. Much much fun involved with this one.   July’s swap is picnic themed, and I’m trying to decide whether to join that one or sit it out…

But while I’m dithering on that, I’m decided about the blog contest at Darcy’s Knotty Knitter.  She’s promoting Puffy Mondaes, an awesome LYS in Idaho.

Congressional Baseball GameThe Secret Frequency is producing a podcast version consisting of the highlights of the 49th annual congressional baseball game for charity.    Yes, we were that close to the field (as you can see, the Nats stadium was pretty nearly empty, so it’s not so amazing).  It was lots of fun.

Still chugging along on my Haruni.  Almost done with part A, then I expect things will speed up some.   I’ve been checking the ball circumference and I seem to be right where I should be.

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My husband almost never asks me to knit for him. He isn’t a ‘sweater’ sort of guy, he doesn’t generally go for hand knitted hats (though he might be convinced to wear a nice, simple tam), and the entire household loses mittens and gloves. So, when he brought my attention to knitty’s binary scarf as posted in boing-boing. I knew I had to knit it for him some day. He knew from the beginning he didn’t want random code, he wanted binary code generated from the ascii for some particular phrase. Eventually he decided on the phrase he wanted, and I started the scarf in late December.

binary As much as I enjoy knitting in the round, I just couldn’t see knitting a tube and then squashing it down in a precise location – too much room to mess up, and it’s entirely unneccessary. There was never any doubt in my mind that this piece had to be what I called double knit (though Stitchdiva considers something else double knitting, so I need to learn the common term). I didn’t invent the technique, I ‘ve seen it used in a number of places, but I don’t know the technical term for it. It’s like double knitting but with only one skein of working yarn for both sides.

I cast on the thirty-three stitches which comprise one side and, for my first row, I knit the front and back of each stitch (kf&b). From there it was a matter of knitting a stitch, then slipping the next stitch with yarn in front (swyif) throughout the piece. After the second row I joined the second color, and held it together with the first for the swyif, and knit whichever color the pattern called for.

I’ve just finished the first repeat of the code. The fabric is super dense and warm, if a little heavy. Good for winter wear, not so much for a fashion statement. It’s also about half as long as the finished scarf should be. Easy enough, since Knitty instructs you to use a second chart for numbers after the midway point, but I decided I wanted a buffer between the two halves, so I’m going to put in a few rows of 1×1 ribbing (which begins and ends each side on a knit stitch, sort of a built in faux selvedge). I’ve discovered that when you purl you hold the unused color behind the work, not in front, but that’s not too hard.

I’m planning to put in a stripe of the contrast color in the purl stitches of rows 3 and 4 of the ‘bridge’ between the two halves, then two more rows of ribbing in the MC, then two in stockinette of the MC, then back to half two.

(Yes, I’ve posted this to ravelry too).

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