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So here are a few more FOs I’m particularly pleased with, which didn’t get into last week’s FO post.

First, a cute little pouch and a new technique from a great class I took from Nancy Bush at MD Sheep and Wool this year.  It’s an Estonian colorwork technique is called roositud, and it’s one of those things which seems so simple and obvious once you see it demonstrated.


Basically, the contrast color is woven in as you knit!

I also finished a skein of handspun.


Alpaca, merino and silk, fingering weight.  I’m pretty pleased with it.

And, a much anticipated crochet project which got done really quickly once I started it –


This was  a gift for my friend Colleen, who is both a huge trekkie and the best personal chef in Baltimore.  So she needed an insignia potholder.

Finally, a really great oddball project, made with a bunch of leftovers and some of my handspun.


The purple, which is the one yarn which failed to felt well, is my handspun.  I was probably told that the fiber was superwash, but by the time I got around to using it I had no idea.  MUST be better at using Ravelry’s record keeping.

So the bag is about as big finished as the yarn skeins which went into it.

I actually broke out the sewing machine and lined this one. I did manage to get the old dear up and running, but I may have put her out of true in the process. No, I was not foolish enough to try to machine stitch the lining into felt, but even so I did something wrong.

There might not be many more FO posts for a while. I’m starting on a wedding shawl for Abby*, and it’s going to be a massive undertaking.

I’ve got some lovely silk laceweight yarn from KnitPicks

It took me most of yesterday to wind one skein, and I plan to work both halves at once, so if I must stop short I can just kitchener it together and call it finished.

* We’ve discussed it. I know she doesn’t intend to wear it with the bridal dress, obviously it isn’t likely to be worn more than once. I want to do it and she is excited by the idea, and yes, it will be worth it.**

** Before Steve and I got married, back when ‘Parental Advisory’ labels were a new thing, I was bothered by the whole music censorship movement. Various parents (not mine) told me ‘when you have kids, you’ll understand’. Now I have grown kids, and I still don’t get that, but the fact that I am willing (no, eager) to put this kind of work into a project which will basically be used in one photoshoot, it makes not logical sense, but it’s so right. When you have kids, you’ll understand.


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Carpet Bag

My Mother-in-Law picked up some old upholstery fabric samples at a flea market a while ago. They just screamed ‘carpet bag’ to me, but I set them aside.

A couple of days ago I whipped them together into the bag. Definitely needs some work, but the concept is good and the bag is sturdy, at least. Might do this again some time.

It’s big enough for my ‘Me Bag’ and a smallish WIP (here shown with the ‘stray thought’ wristwarmers.

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