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Not a huge amount, actually, but I’ll run through it here.

Competitive Knitting

I’ve joined SockWars.  For those of you who live under rocks and don’t know about such things, Sock Wars is a very specialized knitting swap.  Everyone gets the pattern and a target at the same time.  Once the sock is done, the warrior sends it to her target.  If the target receives a pair of  Sock Wars socks in the mail, to pattern and gauge, then she (usually) is  DEAD.  She sends her socks-in-progress back to her killer, who then completes them and sends them on to her target, and so on.

The last knitter standing is a winner.  So is the knitter who kills the most targets.  There may be a few other random victories in the process.

My Warrior name is MeanGreenCuffinMachine.  I’m on Team Fett.

My KnitPicks sock yarn is on order, and my needles are just itchin’ to get gauge.  Now all I need is a victim and the pattern…

Blog Contests

I entered Sunset Cat’s St. Brigid contemplations comment drawing, and won the cutest set of stitch markers.  Definitely check these out, they’re adorable!

I’m enterinig MommaCrafter‘s SockWars Weapons Bag drawing. Take a look at the contest.  While you’re at it, check out her Etsy shop.

Ending the World

By the way, I’ve summoned the Great God Cthulhu and will be sending him on a tour of destruction around the world.  He’ll start in Washington DC sometime soon.  No, really.  Watch this blog for future updates.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.


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