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Well, I’ve submitted my dissertation proposal to Nerd Wars.  I knit a gauge swatch, which was interesting because I’ve never done the ‘knitting inside out’ trick for stranding before.


I’m going to have to watch it, because I pulled the stitches a bit tight, and there’s a bit of bunching with the color changes.  Not as much as with the Tea Cozy I made back in 2011 (where it was very much deliberate):


I really want to avoid it completely…

In any case, I’m working on the Begonia Carina shawl while waiting for approval.  I really ought to measure my husband’s feet and begin charting in the meantime, but I’m just feeling too lame to do it right now.

Blog Contests and Giveaways

There’s currently a multi blog giveaway for the Up Down All Around Stitch Dictionary, plus three skeins of yummy yarn.  I’ve entered that one at Miso Crafty Knits (4 June) and at Sweatshop of Love (6 June).  There’s also a lovely giveaway for a gradient kit from Mountain Colors (6 June) and a free pattern and $25 of Quince and Co Yarn from Design Diary (15 June).  Check them out.



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I’m working on the tea cozy today, going very cautiously (because I’ve ripped out the decrease rows twice). I’m thinking putting an extra garter stitch ridge between them is worth a go. I am trying to document all my modifications on the project’s Ravelry Page. So I’m afraid to knit it anywhere not next to the computer. I’m also waffling on how many in progress pictures to take. I guess one per color added should be OK, then maybe one with both sides completed, and a seaming photo, then the completed piece. Once I decide on the pom pom question. The pattern gives a (much better looking) alternative, but the one I’m knitting it in tribute to has a HUGE pom-pom. I’d have to make my own form, because there’s no way the Clover maker could do it justice.

Still no word from Elegant Economy, but someone else won the Blueberry Boutique giveaway. However, I’ve found more. Sunsetcat is giving away a really beautiful cowl pattern (Deadline March 27). Knit1 Blog1 is giving away 100g of sock yarn (deadline March 27).

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It has nothing to do with the theme and scope of this blog, but I feel compelled to say how concerned I am about the earthquakes and tsunami’s in Japan, and those tsunami’s soon to come.  We’ll be hearing about this for a while.

Having said that, I’m going to switch back to knitting and crafts and your regular blog content. Knit Steve has just posted pictures of the second installment of his frog trilogy, which is adorable.

I did size up the “H” on the square, but haven’t gotten very far on that.  I tookribs the tea cozy to the waiting room and, as expected, got a lot done.

I’ve just about reached the decrease rows, and have to decide whether to decrease the angle or keep the pattern as written.  Have frogged back several times trying different angles.  It’s a beautiful teapot, but the cozy might end up with a sort of a funny shape, because of the way the top (in particular, the top knob) is  made.

Wrapping up with blog contests.  I entered a Kama Suutra yarn giveaway at Phat Fiber.  I liked Three Fates Yarn’s Facebook Page for that giveaway.  Did not enter the Red Heart 75 Days of Giveaways because I don’t want the grand prize (75 skeins of super saver? Really?) but the daily prizes actually don’t sound bad. Last, but certainly not least, I entered the Grand Opening giveaway at restless prarie farm. (this last one might be just past the deadline by the time this post is uploaded).

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First of all, I’d like to thank Sunsetseasanity (of the artismysanity blog) for the advice on the camera.  I had to play around with it (and turn off the ‘idiot proof settings’) but I think I can find the right light level now.  Next step will be to replace my tripod (lost with the last camera).

the beginning of my "YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE" square

Here’s the beginning of the square for the Chosen One project.  I’m using this to knit down stash, so it’s a hodgepodge of yarns.  I’ve got some old Lion Jiffy for the square, a little Cascade 220, Lion Trellis and some ‘mystery yarn’ held together for the letter.  I’m working a garter stitch border around the square, and a moss stitch border around the letter.  I’m knitting across the letter rather than bottom to top, so that I won’t have to break the yarn for the multiple parts of the H.  We’ll see if I’ve overcomplicated things, but so far, so good.  I’m half tempted to frog back and make the letter a bit bigger.  I’d better think on it a bit and keep working on something else  in the meantime.  I expect to be spending a chunk of time in a waiting room today, so I should get a fair amount done.

Current WIPS include the mini wrist warmers, the tea cozy and a cat bed made from recycled plastic bags.  The tea cozy is the most portable, so that’s probably what I’ll take with me.

Speaking of the Chosen One project, I just realized that I’d never posted the link to the KnitNotWar 10o0 project.  Check out the installation, it’s lovely.  My ten were all tan and brown.

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I celebrated my (mumble-mumble) birthday this past week, and I had a lovely time. I went out to lunch with a friend, dinner with the DH and DDs, was taken drinking with other friends, given a surprise cake at our bi-weekly gaming session, and finally a party with my mom, sister, b-i-l, niece and our own crew. Very lovely! Three (remotely) craft related gifts.

First of all, I bought myself some wool to make Grannie’s Traditional Tea Cozie.  It’s for a Ravelry knit-along.  Then I was given a new mp3 player (so I can catch up on all those knitting podcasts!)  Finally, my sister gave me a beautiful new digital camera.

So now I can show you the Raglan hat I mentioned in the last post:

Felted Raglan

Only the color balance is off, the hat actually looks more like this:

Only that’s still not right. I’ll have to play around with the settings. In any case, I tried to scale up the hat for DH’s monster-sized head, and over did it. So I tried to felt it back, and ended up with the kicky little number I showed you above, instead of the manly cap he asked for.  So now it’s mine, and I’ll have to pick up more yarn for his.

I’ve cast on for the tea cozy I mentioned above.  The picture is a little strange – every time I laid the piece  out it became a target for my cat, Comet.  I tried discouraging him in several ways, but the one which worked best was to put it on top of Captain, the other cat.  This meant I had to work fast, and get all the pictures taken before Captain became too interested himself… In any case, the colors are a little better in this shot, and I didn’t play with any of the settings, so I’m a little confused.

I did not win any of the blog giveaways I entered last month.  But never fear!  There are plenty more.

Vegan Craftastic has a pattern giveaway from Ohdessa Knits.  There’s also a nice giveaway at Copperends, but I could not get the Captcha to work , so I’m out of that one, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t check it out.

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