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Short update, wishing all in the US a happy 4th of July, and Peace on Earth to everyone, wherever they might be!

Also, a belated post here (posted on Ravelry last week) about the $10 movie yarn swap I was in in June.  Nicolle really went overboard.   I got a box!  And Stuff!

…actually, it’s not just loot, it’s a movie name game of loot, and KnitPicks sock yarn, which is terriffic, and I’m trying to decide what it will become. Much much fun involved with this one.   July’s swap is picnic themed, and I’m trying to decide whether to join that one or sit it out…

But while I’m dithering on that, I’m decided about the blog contest at Darcy’s Knotty Knitter.  She’s promoting Puffy Mondaes, an awesome LYS in Idaho.

Congressional Baseball GameThe Secret Frequency is producing a podcast version consisting of the highlights of the 49th annual congressional baseball game for charity.    Yes, we were that close to the field (as you can see, the Nats stadium was pretty nearly empty, so it’s not so amazing).  It was lots of fun.

Still chugging along on my Haruni.  Almost done with part A, then I expect things will speed up some.   I’ve been checking the ball circumference and I seem to be right where I should be.

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I didn’t win either of the blog contests I mentioned last time, but Sunset Cat will be reviewing the book I suggested, so that’s a win, and I found another fun one at Knit-a-While, so that’s good too.

In the not so good column, I can’t find my camera (as in, my husband put it in a perfectly sensible and logical place for me, and now it’s not there).  This kind of sucks, especially as I’d been wanting to take more and better pictures.   Oh well.

The yarn swap package will go out tomorrow (well, deadline is Friday, but we’re looking good for tomorrow).  My partner tells me mine is already in the mail.

I just received a brand spanking new yarn ball winder, so that’s pretty awesome.

Yeah, this post is a bunch of dribs and drabs of thoughtlets, it’s kind of too hot to put together something more coherent, but I figure something is better than nothing…

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Preserves in the sunlight

Here’s part of what I was thinking of when I mentioned taking better pictures.  This doesn’t really capture the way the apple jelly caught the sunlight.  Something to work on , then.  In the meantime, pictures are up of the KnitNotWar 1,0o0 project.  Very worth enjoying!

These preserves, apple and strawberry, come to you via the farmers’ market.  The same market has got me thinking of various food security and ethics issues, but I’m afraid that if I start going off in that direction I might scare off the few readers this blog has…  It’s the sort of thing which might do better in my old blog, Penumbral Lore, which I’ve neglected for even longer than this one.  Maybe I’ll combine the two (and use categories for easy avoidance…).  That blog is themed about the intersection of science and !science.  This one is themed about beauty.  Not the easiest merge, but with a sufficiently broad definition of beauty it might work.

Since the blog hop hasn’t worked so well, I’m going to add a blogroll of people who show a tendency of commenting on this blog (starting now), starting with Thea, whose idea the hop was in the first place.    Also, her blog is really fun.  (I found a link to a free soap giveaway, which I entered, and a bunch of other giveaways, which I didn’t).  She also updates more often than I do…   :=/

I got my partner for the $10 yarn swap, but she doesn’t have a blog I can link to (or stalk…).   She’s very nice, but allergic to cats, which means that I’ll have to be very very careful about storing fur attracting swap swag (maybe the trunk of the car will work).   Ah, well, got to love a challenge.

I took more WIP photos, trying to really capture Haruni’s developing pattern, but now I can’t find my camera.  Obviously it’s hiding from the trip down 95 I’ve got planned for today…

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Movi….ng Right Along

Well, I’ve done it.  I’ve signed up for that yarn swap I was talking about.  Movie themed, $10 limit.  I’m very excited about the idea, but want to be careful how much I reveal, since the recipient might end up being among the very few people who read this blog.  I think I’ll just have to blather on and trust to a cut.  If you’re in the swap and reading this now, or if you’re my swap partner and going through my back posts, please don’t follow beyond the cut.


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Haruni - A Work in ProcessWell, I’ve been working on the Haruni, and it’s coming along nicely.  I’m getting used to the Claudia’s Handpainted Mohair as well.  That beautiful halo (which I love, BTW) comes from horrible, hairy, loosely plied yarn, which I didn’t think I could tolerate.  Who knows, by the time the project’s done I might well miss it.

I’ve been dealing with Cast-On withdrawal by working through the CraftLit back catalog.  This is actually more entertaining than downloading directly from Libravox, both for the book-clubish elements and because rather than choosing from hundreds of books I’ve been choosing from a limited library.  Just finished Turn of the Screw, and am in the middle of A Tale of Two Cities.  I’m thinking I’ll skip Frankenstein, because that would be re-reading, and it’s not the point of the exercise.

I’ll probably be starting another project in the next few days.  It’s always nice to have more than one thing on the needles.  I’m also considering joining a yarn swap.  If I do it, I’ll post it.

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